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Ok, I'm expecting some flack and fun jokes at my expense, I go to Raleigh next Sunday, but did my RNAC last September in Caledonia. When i was there, we were given white t-shirts for under our blue jumpers. At the end of the four days we were told to take said t-shirts home but return all other kit, if i remember correctly we were told we could take these to Raleigh and use them and keep the ones given to us for kit inspection.

Just really wanting to know if this is advised to all RNAC participants? or am i mistaken as it was quite sometime ago.

Thanks for your time :)
Were you told about taking a laptop for essay writing? If not then you should it's part of the new 10 week training schedule
They get given a paper and pencil and have to write their names WITHOUT using a keboard, first essay is "why I bought this type of iron".
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