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Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by lsadirty, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. I see there is a bit of a furore over the French President, Mr Sarkozy getting wed today to a Model somewhat younger than himself. However, most of the criticism has been about the fact that he has only known her since last November.
    I met Herr Indoors in January 1965, was married in the 2nd week in April, and exactly a month later was back at sea. 43 years later, we're still together, all the cuckoos have flown the nest, and we have 16 grandkids.
    The French bookies are giving odds that he'll be divorced by next year - has anyone else had such a rapid courtship, and did it work for you out or not ?
    (PS - I was the first bloke in our street in Devonport for about 5 years who was a "volunteer", rather than a "pressed man".)
  2. Met my other half in Feb 76 .Engaged Oct 76 .Married dec 76 . 32 years later still together .It can work.
  3. Look at the eyes, look at the eyes, not around my face, look at the eyes .... :thumright:

    I've heard you guys my neighbour's radio on Sunday's Radio 2 Steve Wright Sunday Love Songs . Good effort :thumright:
  4. No bullshit its true.
  5. I'm not taking the piss! I think it's great. Nice one :thumright:
  6. :thumright:
  7. Hey Harry bosch have you looked at your avatar .....Joined March 08. D.R Who or what. :thumright:
  8. Mar 08 2007 ... FFS ! I used to train nods like you. Good at crawling around in the dark with weapons though :)
  9. No it says March 08.
  10. I read it as March 98, 2007 - and Lassie is typing this !!!!
  11. Sorry its me .EYE test tomorrow. Harry :thanks:
  12. Met at a party in Jan '54, proposed on third date. Eventually married in Sept. '56, now working towards staying alive long enough to celebrate our 60th!

  13. Congratulations .
  14. well here goes. then.. first met my hubs , when i was 8 years (yes i said 8 ) old, he was 18 and in the gang of mates that my elder sister was in.
    I had the huge crush on him.. he never knew it ..nor did my sister thank god she would have teased me ruthlessly ( COW that she IS !!)

    The years roled by and when i was 20, we met as equal adults I chased him till he caught me!.

    First date 19 feb 1991.
    Engaged 2 april 1991.
    Moved in may 1991.
    Married August 1991................still together.

    so have known him 30 years..!!!
  15. Good on you.
  16. thank you... you have done well too.

    do wonder where the years have gone,,,,,,,,, and am i really old enough to have teenage kids , all worth it though.....
  17. completely misunderstood - most of this is about long relationships - though it was going to be about the shortest ones :rendeer:
  18. Now I'm confused.

    Johne, you may be right after all as a fit young woman has just moved into my Tardis and she spends most of her evenings running from room to room screaming and yelling :dwarf:
  19. must be your technique mate :w00t:
  20. My oldest sister met her husband to be on a flight from Paris to London (50 minutes).
    Less than a month later they were married.
    That was in 1966 and they've been going strong ever since.
    A reason I reckon is that they are chalk and cheese and have very different views and interests.

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