Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by steadyhands, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. iya all just recently sent off my appo form to join the royal navy as an AET, ave heard back from them sayin ave got psycho tests on the 4th nov! i was just wondering bout these things:

    1. what score do i have to get to qualifiy to be an AET?

    2. at the interview willit go badly against me if i got sacked from the 1 an only job ive ever had. (an i no what your thinkin but am not some deadhead waster i was young at the time an if i could go back i would)

    3. i have had a medical before and got told there was small amount of blood in my piss is this gunna fail me if it shows up again?

    thanks all in advance any help on these 3 questions wud be greatly apreshiated

    (steadyhanded sayce) :dwarf
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Didn't realise MaccyD sacked people. :dwarf:

    Standby for incoming from the spelling police :pukel:
  3. onThey will come and quite correctly too. In the meantime, it is Royal Navy.
  4. actually it was airbus, an i no i carnt spell ama scouser! cheers 4 tht helpfull insight tho, i ope everyone i come into contact with in the rn is as helpfull as u
  5. Having gone through the process for AET (Passed RT and Interview, Medical Shortly) i'll tell you my opinion.

    Firstly, as Janner pointed out, you might want to have a look at your spelling and grammar! It was a tad painful to read to be honest, i could understand it but you need to sort that out, biggest reason really is that as part of your RT you'll be tested on your English skills! (Plus the nazi's on here will pull you up on it).

    With regards to the score you need, i believe its 66%, but having said that it doesnt matter so much as you have to score over a certain % in the Maths and English parts of the test, so you could potentially score 80% per say and still fail. Use the booklet they provided to practice, there is also a thread on here for the RT which will give you several useful links and tips.

    In terms of your interview, and being sacked, well i dont really know as i wasn't in that situation. Ninja or Mario would probably be the best people to speak to, i'd say if you were sacked for gross misconduct then it may go against you as they will look at how viable it is to recruit you and train you, and also how reliable you'll be. So i guess give some thought around that. If you pass your RT you will have a brief talking you through whats expected at interview stage anyway.

    With regards to blood in your piss, i haven't got a clue, AngryDoc or one of the other Medics here could probably help.
  6. You seriously need to sort your spelling out though mate, saying you are a scouser and some how thinking thats an excuse or something to blame for your poor spelling and grammar is a mistake!

    People here will be (for the most part) happy to help you, but dont make it any harder than it already is by writing in something that seems to be harder to read than latin.
  7. ok thankyou for that, My spelling isnt that bad really most of its deliberate shorthand or abbreviations (msn speak) lol,
    as for the tests am not worried about, bit of a brushup on spelling and grammer should do as i can crunch numbers in my head faster than my calculator! and 66% is well below what i thought i would have to get!
    as for being sacked it wasnt for gross misconduct is was for lateness and general "mucking about" but like i said i was young at the time it was my first job and i didnt fully realise the severity of my actions.

    thanks again
  8. Just keep in mind though, that as i said, that 66% doesn't mean much, as each section in the test has a different % mark that you need to achieve. So yea, as i said you could score 80% and still not pass.

    I'd suggest you move away from "msn" speak, why on earth people think its easier to speak like that i have no idea.

    You say that was your one and only job, when did you get sacked, and why aren't you working again now? Im not too sure how favourably it'd swing if the only job you've ever had you were fired from for messing about, and being late.
  9. i got sacked in april07, since then ive been living off money i had saved up in the bank, it is only recently i have started looking for work as my funds are growing thin and there arnt many job opportunities for aircraft fitters in the uk :( and thats when i thought of the forces, and being an AET because i think i would have the upper hand after allready completing courses in aerodynamics, hydrolics, electrics, bench fitting, sheet metal working and have had experience wire locking, split pinning etc etc.
    And technically i didnt get fired they said to me i could either be fired or resign so obviously i picked the latter
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    1. We're not allowed to give the exact scores, however to give a clue, Air Engineer requires the highest score out of the three engineering technician trades. Maths needs to be good.

    2. It depends on the circumstances, however if you're only seeking a job because you've run out of money, then it certainly questions motivational aspects.

    3. Passing blood does not bode well for being considered medically suitable for service - the advice is see your GP and get it sorted, whatever it is.
  11. cheers for that ninja,
    well to be perfectly onest if i won the lottery tomorrow i wouldnt carry my application any further and lets face it who would!
    but im not just seekin a job, im seeking a career and the more i read into life in the royal navy the more i think its for me and something i would like to do with my life, as for the passing blood the doc said it was a trace of blood not like i was turning the bog water red lol any way that was years ago but like u say it wuddnt hurt to have a checkup other than that im in great shape even with the 20 aday i smoke i could hop a mile and a half in under 11 mins cheers for your help anyway
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    No problem-good luck.
  13. Excuse me.... he's not A ninja, he's OUR Ninja and therefore THE Ninja! :thumright: :w00t:
  14. Oh deer as wel as the selling and gramar plods we hnow have ninja plods
  15. steadyhands

    Please don't think that the RT is a pushover because it isn't. Don't forget that you don't have endless time to sit there and chew over the questions, either .....

    You may be able to "crunch numbers in your head" but, if you haven't been doing that kind of work for a long time, you are going to be rusty - anyone would be.

    You should be looking at this thread:

    Furthermore, if this blood in the urine thing is still happening, you should go back to your GP. Don't forget that you will have to do the fitness test, too, so you may want to think about cutting down on the fags ........
  16. Peter, the first line was all I could read of steadyhands post. The rest was written in Apple-Textspeak... ;)
  17. Oh dear, Thingy taking Maxi seriously, it is really a bad monday.
  18. :lol: Mondays are not my best day..... Finished off my bottle of Dalmore last night :biggrin: :pissed: ....after making myself an odd supper consisting of fried cabbage in olive oil, coriander seeds, salt and juniper berries.... with a splash of Pernod just before serving! :) Is it morning yet?
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Looks like Rose Cottage will be the first port of call..... :money:

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