questions you wouldnt want to ask afco.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by judgejudy, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. one i have wondered is what is accomodation for midshipman/sublieutenant on particular boats, also how is alcohol consumption regulated onboard a ship? pretty cretinous questions so i thought id ask them in an anonymous guise.
  2. I thought you wanted to be a pilot. If that's the case you won't be serving on boats.

    Alcohol isn't officially regulated for officers as they're all such incredibly responsible individuals there is no need.
  3. One for the future judge, the only boats we have in the RN are submarines. The rest are ships!! :thumright:
  4. nearly every ship carries helicopters and there are aircraft carriers right?
  5. To attempt to answer the question more directly than others, Junior Officers will typically live in shared cabins (usually 2 per cabin) and Officers are expected to drink at sea in moderation (if at all). The XO will normally monitor this.
  6. their are aircraft on sea though? i didnt uderstand this post, didnt want to ask booze question as they may think im an alcy down at afco but something ive wondered about.
  7. As aircrew there is a rule "24 hours between bottle and throttle"
  8. Looks like they'll be no takers for aircrew than! :lol:

    Then again with English like that I wouldn't worry about joining the Upper Deck. How about becoming a Stoker? Stokers don't worry about punctuation, apostrophies or the difference between 'there' and 'their'. :roll: ...Then again JJ, you are probably VERY drunk in-charge of a keyboard! :lol:
  9. Don't take it too much to heart JJ. I couldn't spell properly when I left school. My punctuation was better, but then I had my knuckles rapped rather too frequently than I care to remember.... Ow!
  10. My uncle was a stoker, he told me it is the jesus nut of the ship, is this not correct? is my english ok now guvnor?
  11. I think he was warning you early never to ask a stoker if you could take a peek at the golden rivet (as Princess Margaret once did on the Royal Yacht :biggrin: ). A ship without Stokers would quickly disintegrate: after all, someone's got to unblock the pipes when they become blocked with brown stuff. :lol:
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's somewhat surprising you wouldn't want to ask such questions at an AFCO as that's exactly the sort of question an AFCO is best placed to answer because they are legally obliged to give you factually correct answers.

    We also answer questions on homosexuality, drug abuse, suitable underpants, how much money to take, what criminal convictions are allowed after what duration, queries about discipline, the risk to life, contractual obligations, the weather and the yearning for world peace (and other stuff such as how you go about joining the service).

    But, since you do not wish to ask, it would be churlish to give an unwanted answer.

    Good luck anyhow.
  13. And provide you with fresh water, make the ship move, provide steam for the galley/laundry and hot water for your showers, in fact keep all the ships "hotel" services running.....the list goes on and on. :thumright:
  14. Do you have a booklet on what size of bag to use, and am I allowed to take dental floss?

  15. well those are questions id want to ask but theirs the feeling youll get judged for asking them; obviously im interested in accomodation but i dont want to give an impression to people at afco that im fussy in anyway, that bit about world peace is a good one too, when if ever is it justifiable to disobey orders? Are homosexuals allowed in the navy will i be expected to pull the trigger will this that and the other be paid for me, questions that are pretty essential but may carry certain conotations when being asked, ive been to the afco a fair few times and theirs questions ive wanted to ask (like those i did to start the post) that i felt would give a negative impression if i asked them.
  16. A) Will others stare at me in the showers, as my Boyfriend says I'm rather well endowed.
    B) If one of my Instructors gives me an answer to a genuine question about grips, hairstyles or accomodation I don't like can I tell them to ram it.
    C)Is it unusual for medication to be kept in your locker? It's just that my Preperation H and applicator are very nescessary for me and I'd like them close by in case of need, a dash to the Sick Bay is not out of the question, I'm willing to negotiate this issue with my superiors.
  17. D) Is make-up allowed (only eye-shadow and blusher, naturally). ?
    E) When we go to sea is it OK to take my own food ?
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I hope these two aren't linked in your mind. It may upset Slim if you are thinking that way as I feel He is on the brink of stepping out of the closet.

    Do you ever read what you type? Do you have any concept of the role that the ARMED Services play in the world?
  19. will my hair get wet and if so is there a place my hair straighteners can be plugged in? and janner i know what you mean, but these are not questions id want to ask but ones other people might.

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