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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DTMH_08, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. I have just recently handed in my application to join the Royal Navy, my first choice is for a career as 'seaman specialist'.

    First I am concerned about the Psychmetric test that you have to take. I am practicing and I have ordered the book: 'Practice Tests for the Armed Forces Bernice Walmsley'.

    I assume the book will have the information I need, but, until it arrives can anyone tell me how many marks I have to get in order to be accepted.

    Second question: I am slightly long sited and have read the guidelines for eye defects but they do not seem to clearly state if you will be accepted for having a squint e.g. one of my eye is always a little in the corner. I believe it is called 'strabismus' Although this condition can affect certain things such as playing sports, it has never affected my working performance (in the gym) Does anyone know if this will affect my application?

    I woould be grateful for any assistance and hope I am not asking questions that get repeated all of the time here. Unfortunately due to work commitment I do not really have all day to scout through the forum looking for answers (dam!!)

    Thank you for any help given.
  2. Sorry, can't help you there, but I'm sure someone will come along and jump on you about it all!!

    Welcome to RR by the way.........
  3. Hey m8. Im applying for the same role as u and failed the test once and waiting for my 2nd try in october. Well if u are going for seaman spec like me try and get like 10 on each section right, i was told by the man at the AFCO, if you dont get 10 on maths its a straight fail. Also sorry to say this but the book you are getting dont help, thats my opinion and most peoples view. If you are gonna revise get 11+ test pappers. Hope this helps, sorry about the other questions, i dont know them lol.

    Good Luck,
    Chicogiz (Luke)
  4. OK thanks for the advice, I am trying every option avaialable here, as far as I know my eyesight problem should not be a problem, but I will find out for certain in my medical.

    I will keep studying for the Psychometric tests for now as my fitness is up to scratch.

    Again if anyone knows the minimum required marks to get in a a seaman specialist then please let me know.


    (and yes I am officially sad for posting at this time on a Saturday night/Sunday morning)
  5. Seaman spec is 50% overall pass I think in verbal, literacy and numeracy. You dont have to be a genius to reach that standard, just work on the tests and, when test day comes, try and answer each question as quickly as possible.
  6. DTMH, it looks like you can read & write (a lot of potential joiners we see on RR have dubious abilities in those skills) - given that fact, the tests won't pose much of a challenge to you, trust me.
  7. Firstly, get your test out of the way, without that you cannot have the eyesight test. If you pass the test then your eyesight test will either pass or fail you - full stop. Lets look at your first obstacle. From my interpretation of your post you actually seem to be a cut above the average recruit - no compliment intended - you need to go and prove this at the test but that is up to you. The fact that you have ordered a book that will help makes you pretty unique to the potential recruits I know of - as I understand it, some potential entrants do not even do the practice tests sent by the Careers Office. There are some webistes that help, here is one but I suspect that it is much harder than the RN entry Psychometric test so do not worry if you think it is beyone you. That you have reached this website, ordered a booklet and are as keen as you appear makes you a fairly good candidate for the RN. To be honest, looking a the job situation in the UK, the RN is a great career still - good luck and I hope you pass.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Gosh, psychic selection procedures- why didn't we think of that?[​IMG]

    Seriously though, it's good to see a lucid, comprehensible bunch of queries. The Newbies Stickies section will actually answer all your questions with regard Medical Standards for Entry, Recruiting Test scores & example psychometric tests.

    The very best of luck to you - the force is strong, Luke....
  9. DTMH, if you score much more highly than what is required for seaman spec, you should probably look at a more technical job (i.e. ET or AET). Not being funny or anything, but I doubt a highly intelligent person would find seaman spec a very stimulating job.
  10. No, you're not being funny, you're being downright condescending and rude.

    It beggars belief that someone who is not even in the Navy can make such comments.

    And no, I'm not, and never was, a Seaman Spec.
  11. IB08, remind us how long you've been in? Care to explain your doubtlessly legitimate qualification to make the above statement?

    Ever thought that maybe the "highly intelligent" fella wants to be a seaman?
  12. Nnja_stoker has just wrote a great thread for you in the newbies sticky section. Examples of test papaers etc
  13. Thank you for all the comments and encouragement.

    I have read about the careers that are available to me in the RN and the Seaman Specialist job probably appeals to me the most, I will discuss it further with my careers advisor at the interview (assuming I pass the psychometric tests).

    I have been studying for the test at every given opportunity, even at work when I am not supposed to be! My biggest barrier is the time you have in which to answer the questions, so, I presume that getting my Maths skills up to scratch should help a lot.

    Can anyone tell me whether or not seaman specialists are held in high or low regard by their peers/equals? Just coz' I see the odd post on here talking about 'the lowest form of life in the RN' sort of thing.

    Thanks again for the advice all of you.

    DMTH :)
  14. I am in the same boat as you. I am going in as a Warfare Specialist (hopefully) and have my test in a couple of weeks. I have ordered The IQ and Psychometric Test Workbook and have printed off a fair few tests off the internet and I am timing myself every night (to which I am seeing improvements).

    You seem to be taking it really serious like myself, so with a bit of revision every night (or whatever works best for you) at least you know you are well prepared and have revised what you need.

    Good luck.
  15. Thanks, good luck to you too. I am doing good with timing myself with all the sections except Maths which I am seriously falling behind with. So guess what my main focus is on?
  16. the maths isnt too advanced, your best bet is to go on gcse revision websites like bitesize and do the practise sections on there.

    just make sure you are doing all the working out without a calculator, start writing the solutions out on paper as you are working through them, this helps you when revising as you can see the method and how you personally worked out the method and you can coach yourself to use the same method over and over.
  17. Aye, i'm doing that. Also got my GCSE Maths revision book to read in places where there is no internet :)

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