Questions regarding officer application (Timeline etc.)


If the remainder of my application goes smoothly it'll be 20 months from application-BRNC. However Capita had to review my medical and I was deferred after my SIFT.

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Hi Pascal,

Just to really hammer home the repeated point about the medical, DO NOT lie about or miss off anything you have been treated for or seen a doctor about from the medical questionnaire and be prepared for this stage to take up much of your application time.

From my initial application to my RT, to my eye test and medical took just under two months, but then I had to appeal a misdiagnosis case which took up 6 months of last year. Since winning my appeal, I have passed my PJFT and am sitting my SIFT interview later this week.

All in all, it does move fairly quickly but expect a 4 to 6 month period as Ninja stated above.

Good luck