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Hi all,

Interested in joining the RMR early 2017. I plan to go travelling in a couple of months (Summer 2016) and return just after Xmas 2016. Ill be 26.5 years old at this point. I’ve read that the upper age limit is 32 but also read that age will be taken into account on a case by case basis when wanting to “specialise”; can someone clear this up for me?

How long does the training take as a reservist from civi to green lid…i.e. from rocking up to the careers office to passing out? I’ve read that its 18 months but elsewhere 12-14 months, I don’t know if this takes into account the admin side of things with waiting for medicals and sitty-down exams etc., basically is it necessary to start the application now or wait until I am back from my travels in the new year?

I went part way down the Naval officer route about 4 years ago- got to the sift interview stage prior to the AIB and then wrapped in as I got a sponsorship offer to do my studies-hence the reserves route/old posts associated with my account.

I would be around 28 years old upon completion if my troop began recruit training in the January for example and it took 18 months to complete…realistic scenario?

Appreciate these are some pretty wet questions, if it’s a case of “do some more reading’ then please point me in the right direction.



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The upper age to join is 32. It's got nothing to do with case by case.

There are no age limits on RMR Specialisations that I'm aware of (SF is usually 32). RMR specialisations number far fewer than those available to regular Royal Marines due to the cost/length of course.

The average RMR recruit takes about 18 months to complete the full training package including field firings. A green beret is achievable in 12-14 months after you complete selection. Selection usually takes a couple of months to complete. Most units have a single Recruit Troop starting each year (Oct/Nov) usually. Holding Troops can start six months before to get you up to scratch for PRMRC. RMR applicants no longer take a PJFT as part of selection, they take the BFT in lieu of it, whilst in holding troop.

Finally, RMR trained ranks can deploy operationally with regular service units but must start Recruit Training from scratch if they wish to transfer to the regular service under current regs.

More stuff here:

Good luck.
Thank you. I greatly appreciate your answers. Just wanting to get a picture of whether this is going to be "do-able" before I rock up to my AFCO and get the ball rolling.

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