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My son is joining Raleigh May 12th we live overseas and are fully aware that there is no guarantee of him passing out but would love a date so that we can book flights, have worked it out as July 18th AFCO will not confirm date as he says that a lot of people will fail but also that parents get sent a pack, ok 3 questions:
1. Is that intakes potential passing out Friday July 18th
2. Will they email the details upon request instead of us having to rely on snail mail?
3. His trade training will be at HMS Sultan do they close for summer leave at all? So that perhaps I could book a flight home for my son who has been staying with family and friends since January in UK. Appreciate these are bog standard questions but any help would be appreciated. Do not want to be the mother that rings as that is a NO NO
Thanks in advance


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I would've thought the joining date was 11th May - double check that.

Raleigh pass out should be ten Fridays after the Sunday join date - assuming there are no setbacks through injury or retakes of training elements, I'd concur that 18 July looks right for pass out.

You can indeed tell him to ensure your email address is on your Next of Kin details and that you would prefer they email you also.

Summer Leave at Sultan is best advised by Sultan Hive: [email protected]
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The tip is that individuals need to gain approval to travel abroad during leave periods, cancellation insurance is advised in case circumstances change & the outward flight is best booked the day AFTER leave starts, not the same day. Return flights should aim to arrive back in UK at least 24 hours before leave expires.
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