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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Brummielad, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. Alright lads im 17, and interested in joining the submarine service.

    I was just woundering what life on board a submarine is really like becuase as far as i know there are no look at life things as such.

    Also im having trouble finding a branch to go into? sounds a bit idiotic but its a big deal and i dont want end up making a wrong choice. So from experiances anyone have any branches they reccomend?

    oh and what are the eyesight requiremnets for the submarine service?

    101 questions i know sorry lads lol just confused
  2. Eyesight is not important in the Submarine Service, how the fukc can you where you are going down there? Read the thread on the the two Boats that have just hit each other.
  3. No matter what branch of submariner you speak to they are all the best branch,its the life on board that makes it. I was GS for 6 months at the start and it was gash! Keep asking as many submariners as you can, I would say go for it, I had a great career,only left mob last summer after a full career. Lived the dream,now living the next dream!
  4. Cheers for the reply mate seems hard to get any awnsers apart from the carears office. My cousin was in the Navy ( boats though) and he always said submarines is something he would have had a crack at if he could go back because of money, the cracks etc.

    Do you get too choose what submarine you are posted too?
  5. Just to give your naval jargon (Jackspeak) a little help. "Boats" are submarines. The "boats" that you talk about are "Ships".
  6. Good start i ve got the simplest thing wrong lol
  7. After doing some looking around im interested in warfare branch communicator. Anyone have any information on this branch? I heard anything with warfare is a no go.

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