Questions on birth certificate & educational certificates

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Mahgnimrib, Jan 8, 2016.

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  1. Hey, sorry if this has been asked before but most of the results I found from the search bar didn't help my specific situation.

    The e-mail I got from the AFCO says I need an original birth certificate and says copies are not acceptable. I have a certified copy of my birth certificate from the registry office but not the original. Do I need to get an original and if so how do I do that? Or does it just mean personal copies (aka photocopies) arn't acceptable?

    Also I don't have any of my educational certificates. I have a list of my qualifications for my school. I'm applying for ET (WE) which doesn't require any qualifications so will I be ok or should I order all my GCSE and A-level certificates? The exam board websites say they can also provide my qualification information directly to an employer.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Answer for Question 1: 'AFCO says I need an original birth certificate and says copies are not acceptable'
    You have posted the answer before asking the question ^ As long as it is from the registry office it is fine.

    Answer for Question 2: I'm joining as ET(WE), I have been given a start date and haven't given any of my certificates so don't think it's important.
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  3. A certified copy is fine, provided its officially stamped and so forth. Its the same as an original birth certificate. What they mean by copy is photocopy's or anything like that.

    Don't need education certificates if you don't need to prove your qualifications.

    Also, just phone your AFCO and check before hand.
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  4. Brilliant thanks guys.
  5. Though you do not need your certificates I would advise you to get replacements now rather than later and take them with you when you join the RN.
    It may have changed but in my day GCSE certificates were recorded in your service docs. Two GCSEs used to be required for promotion to Warrant Officer, now that is many years from joining up but easier to get the certificates now while you are young than trying to find them when you in the zone for promotion.
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  6. ^^Exactly what Slim said^^

    I had snags later in my career when I needed to find my old certificates. I got it sorted but it was a pain the arse.
    Do it now so it's out of the way.
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  7. Cheers, I'll sort out getting the certificates as soon as I have a bit of spare money. Bit of a pain because it's about 35 quid for each exam board and I used about 4 of them, and some of the exam boards want me to pay separately for GCSE's and A-Levels. I'll get it sorted ASAP though if it saves time down the road.
  8. I wish you the best of luck in your chosen branch.
    When I joined the RN I (nor any of my oppos) was not informed about the Annual education grant that is available to ALL. I found out about it at age 33 and used it for day release and acquired (eventually) an ONC which was at the time the same educational qualification that Artificers were passing out with.
    Do not forget about this grant, I believe these days you can even use it towards getting your driving licence.
    Advancement in the RN can be helped by furthering your education outside of naval subjects, the money is available. Make sure that you use it every year (I missed out on my first 15 years worth:().
  9. Re birth certificate. The birth certificate is used in the AFCO process as one of the documents for the basic security check. You will have been given a list of documents that can be used for this purpose. The birth certificate that can be used is one which was issued no more than six weeks from birth. If you have an in date passport you can meet the basic security check process, however in order that all Paperwork can be completed for your application you will have to supply an original copy of your birth certificate.

    Re ed Certs , the AFCO are looking to establish if you have English and Maths GCSEs (grade c and above)If you have it will negate you having to conduct key skills level 2 training whe you join up.

    Hope this helps

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