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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Chipmunk, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. The information given is misleading and I would like to know are you obligated to accept deployment when asked or can you turn it down? I wanted to join the RNR as it said all I would giveup was 27 days per I'm reading about 6 month stints... I don't want to be on the front line gun in hand, I wanted to be involved in the helping the hungry maybe rescueing a few children etc etc not really fighting on the frontline.
  2. Have you thought about joining the Red Cross? The RNR is a military organisation and as such can serve in the front line if required.
  3. 24 is the number of days per year you need to complete, though there are opportunities to do more.

    Mobilisations, which may be 6 weeks, 6 months, or longer, should be expected at some point in an RNR career. Many are "smart" where personnel who are willing to go are chosen first, but you should be aware that the compulsory mobilisation exists and has been used. You can volunteer for mobilisation if you know there is a year that is much more convenient and there ongoing mobilisations.

    Those in full time education can't be compulsorily mobilised, but can volunteer (plenty did the Olympics / Commonwealth Games for instance). You and your employer can appeal if mobilisation will cause problems, but that isn't a get out clause, and will at best postpone a mobilisation.

    All of that should be front and centre during any RNR acquaint evening, so no-one joining should be under any illusions about what they are signing up for. Which information do you think is misleading you into thinking we spend 27 days a year rescuing starving children?

    I blame Info Ops... I'd blame Media Ops, but that would imply they've actually influenced someone at all.
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  4. This little nugget has made me's a little too obvious as a bite. But what if it's not??
    It's quite frightening that in this day and age, some people have no idea what the primary role of Armed Forces might be...
    Is it just me?...surely nobody could be that dumb!
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  5. The purpose of those 24 days of training/exercises that you do each year is to allow you, at some point, to deploy and effectively join the regular navy for six, nine or even 12 months. If you are not prepared to do that then I would suggest that you proceed no further.

    Regarding the humanitarian aspect, the RN certainly does it's fair share, and it is possible you could play a part in that. But be under no illusions: you would be part of the UK Armed Forces and may be required to use weapons as part of your role at some point. If the humanitarian aspect is what really floats your boat, then there are indeed many outstanding organisations you can become involved in (they don't get to splice the mainbrace though).
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  6. Everyone knows what the army does, ask the average joe about the navy he will not know much as the navy doesnt get even 1/8th of the coverage the army does.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Where did you get this misleading information?

    The Royal Navy Reserve is part of the UK Armed Forces and whilst you could be mobilised for humanitarian aid operations, the clue is in the words 'armed' & 'forces' I'm afraid, there isn't an ethical option beyond joining or not joining.

    There is plenty of information available:

    Mobilisation details here:

    The word 'military' relates to soldiers or Armed Forces.
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  8. Nobody told me when I joined I would have to carry a gun! Took them 21 years to hand me one the b*astards

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  9. Aye. A decade and a half so far for me, including mobilisation overseas, and I've managed not to ever touch a loaded firearm. It's a perpetual gamble, but if you managed 21 years without having to, I reckon I should be able to make at least 20 :)
  10. No I never said it was loaded got to afghan and never bothered drawing any rounds. Within two days of getting there the rules were relaxed and the bangstick went in the armoury till I left

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  11. Fair enough. I specified "loaded" because there was a time I had to count some rifles, and I can only count things if I touch them, so it didn't seem accurate to say "never touched a rifle". I've touched that green plastic bit near the thin end.
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  12. Another question I have is how multicultural is the RNR?
  13. Open to all British citizens no matter what their race, creed or colour (providing they pass the RT, Security checks and medical), or are you after a specific percentage breakdown?
  14. if possible.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  16. if possible.
  17. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Folks, sticking a Mod hat on here, may I suggest that young Chipmunk is a wind up merchant and should be treated as such until further notice. I won't lock the thread, but will keep it under close scrutiny.
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  18. MLP - is that you son?
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  19. Chipmunk,
    Many posters have told you the bottom line, joining the ARMED Forces is what it says on the tin. You will be liable, by law, for mobilisation for 1 day to 12 months to serve as required by the MOD. Some have been mobilised for a couple of days to help build bridges during the Cumbria floods, others have served 9 months in Hot and sandy places, and returned fire, I don't have any evidence that a member of the RNR has actually killed someone, but i do know that all have been trained and prepared to do so, (obviously under strict guidelines called Rules of Engagement).
    If you have an issue with carrying a weapon and opening fire on someone then, thanks fella, but the RNR is not for you.

    As for questions about the ethnic make up of the RNR, this site is not official, so my advice is Freedom Of Information requests etc, as if (as I suspect) you aren't serious about joining, but just want some facts and figures, you will then get the ground truth.

    Good luck
  20. Be my guest I joined to get some answers and abit of an insight as well thats what people do they ask questions when they are unsure... I don't know how that makeas me a windup merchant. Thanks to the few who have been able to fill me in as my impressions have been wrong so the thread served its purpose. Feel free to delete my account, only joined to ask a few Qs, cheers.

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