Questions for serving female, or husbands with wives in the navy


Hi There.

My wife is in the final stage of recruitment now (just PRNC left), and it has got significantly more real that this may happen. Obviously i have always known it was a possibility, and have been supportive in her pursuing her dream. But i cant help but be a little anxious about it all, and my wife joining the Navy. Are there any Husbands out there with wives or serious female partners serving in the navy, or any wives serving in the navy that wouldn't mind answering a few questions in PM?

Thanks a ton.


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Just a note for any one replying, PERSEC, and we do get reporters trawling for info?

To Op have you tried the family's link at top of page?


Hi Sumo

That is a fair point, sorry, didn't think that far. If somebody would like to research me prior, i'm happy to give them my facebook info and they can see who I am with a 11 year history on fb with work info...etc. I am most certainly not a reporter, and work in IT. I don't want to ask specifics of who where what...etc. Just want to pose a few honest questions about what to expect when your wife is deployed, how to deal with I suppose jealousy, or if its difficult...etc


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Mmmmmm - interesting question raised there SA-sharky. First Mrs S-B was a Wren, but wasn't sea-going. Must admit I hadn't thought of it from the male viewpoint before. I'll take the 5th........


I'll be honest, I sort of veeto'd the submarine option until we have had the experience of surface fleet for a while. But yes, she would ideally like to be on the subs. I did indeed look on the family threads, but must be honest, it is very much ladies concerned with their boyfriends or husbands on the various services. I appreciate fully that the Navy does not differentiate based on gender, but realistically, and unfortunately, ladies do deal with a significant amount of unwarranted attention and or differences compared to their male compatriots. I am just a hubby, together with my Mrs for 11 yrs and married for 6, and concerned about life on board for her, and the difficulties I can look forward too.
What branch is she?

I'll be honest, it'll be fine, unless it isn't. If you trust each other, then that's the most important thing. If you don't trust her, you'll be mental within a fortnight.

My missus was a reservist, deployed to a war zone and it was completely fine. It helped that I was also deployed at the same time, do that lessened the impact a little.


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I was married, now I'm not. I also spent the best part of a year working abroad, separated from my wife, when I had the opportunity a year after we married. It was something I wanted, it was more important than being together, and I loved it...

Bottom line is, you have been together 11 years, so it's not like she was already in the process of applying when you met.

She has made a conscious decision to follow her dream, knowing full well that there will be a lot of separation, including time away on a ship consisting predominantly of males, also leaving you at home un-monitored.

Nobody knows exactly how each individual relationship will pan out, but for sure you will be in a situation that probably couldn't be more testing of your commitment. More to the point, she will be.


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It's all about trust, and the getting to know each other again every time you reunite. Now that can be fun?


Thanks all for the info, I do appreciate the responses. It is a new experience for us, being apart I mean. We are commonwealth citizens not based in the UK. So she has been in the UK for 3 months now doing the recruitment tests (which has been the longest time we have ever been apart). Needless to say, it has been more difficult than I had envisioned, being apart, and she is not even accepted yet! I can only assume it will only get more testing when accepted and without communication for spaces of time.

I would still appreciate any hubby's or long term relationship guys with their partners in the navy to PM me if possible. I would still like to ask some "not so candy coated" questions and receive some honest "this is how it is" answers. As per above, im happy to jump through whatever hoops you require to make sure I am who I say I am and not somebody fishing for info.
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