Questions For MOD Re. Cornwall

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. First, now the boarding party are on their way home, as an old has been, I would like to add my congratulations to many others on the exemplary way they conducted themselves whist on public display in Iran. The troops were a credit to the Service.

    Now the question that some of us have posed but were told by some we knew nothing are now being put to MOD by the press. see


    See the Daily Telegraph


  2. The Telegraph should address those questions to the Gentleman at No11… most of those questions comes down to money, something he has ensured the Navy is desperately short of.
  3. I'm sure that answers will be given in the big "cover up" as the Government are very good at doing.It's happened in the past and no doubt will continue in the future, as long as there's people like Blair running this country.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    It looks to me as though most of the Telegraph's information has come straight of the RR forums :wink: :wink: :lol:
  5. Dammmmmmmmmmmm now you know I am a stringer for the DT. You are just to good Janner must have been TrafPol.

  6. So that's how you may the miserly pension you get stretch to the odd bttle of vino tinto.
  7. Good points and straight talking from the newspaper.
  8. I think you're spot on Janner! But the way they say it makes it sound so much official than "lurking on an unofficial Navy forum".

    From the article:

    No mention of any Diamond Lil threads though.
  9. Like Slim, I thought the Telegraph editorial good value.

    In particular: "The Navy has argued that Cornwall carried out 66 previous boardings without incident. Military observers argue that this is similar to saying an Army platoon in Basra carried out 66 foot patrols without rear cover and it was unfortunate someone got shot in the back on the 67th."

    With the safe return of "his" people, perhaps it is time for a change in CTF so that he can go and prepare his defence. It is to be hoped this incident will not be swept under the carpet and will, at the very least be subject to a board of inquiry.
  10. I am sure lots of questions are going to be asked over the next few weeks.
    We cannot blame the Government for everything that goes wrong. Someone in uniform has to take responsibility for this one.
  11. Mr Harding owes RR a credit at the very least :lol: , unsubstantiated references such as the 'several quarters' sentance points to Mr H doing the rounds in here, disgraceful journalism :D .
  12. Not at all, its not "someone in uniform" that makes policy.
    Its the feckwits higher up than that.
  13. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The DT makes the point of complacency, and rightly so. BOIs are tricky as where do you start pointing the finger. Should the CO have raised his hand and said to his Cdre that he didn't think the tactics were sound... I don't think so.

    I know both the CO and CTF well enough to know that they would'nt have deliberately compromised their team in the pursuit of an unsafe mission.

    Serious questions must be asked and quick action taken over our boarding procedures. The only 2 things that matters are:

    That the boys and girl are back (check)

    We are given the tools and tactics to ensure there is not a repeat..(lets see...)
  14. I disagree Lamri. Of course its all speculation at this stage.But it appears to be a lack of low level tactics.I doubt anyone in Downing street would have had any input into SOPS. Eh there all back today ,lets hope this thing doesnt happen again. You have to admit from the outside it doesnt put the RN in a good light.
  15. Lack of low level tactics?

    How about "don't start a shooting war"
    "Don't antagonise it will escalate"

    Those aren't a lack of low level tactics, those are policy guidelines.

    I think that as long as people (public) are made aware of the effects of coercion, then it will be clear that anything said or written whilst captives of that highly combustable regime had to say and do anything to keep safe.
  16. Lamri fair one mate. I dont know enough on the subject. I shall leave you lot to debate it. Once again the guys are back. Which has to be good news.I am sure SOP's will change ,also I am sure an awful lot went on behind the scenes.
  17. Damn right,
    I would hazard a bet that our US cousins allowing Iran access to those Iranians (held in the US) for the first time had something to do with the release of our lot.

    I hope that they get the help they will need in the very near future, once it all sinks in.
    If any of them, male or female, needs a hug, then i'm not too proud to be the one to hold them, if it helps.
  18. One scenario that no one seems to have considered is that the on the spot commander had little choice in what he did and was always going to be dammed if he did and dammed if he didn't. Action which avoided the incident could well have still left the chap facing a BOI.

    In apportioning blame we will all have to wait and see what real info leaks our way.

    For the time being perhaps we should concentrate on what 'punishment' should now be extracted from Iran rather than indulging in self abuse (I suspect the Iranians are banking on us indulging in the self abuse so they can consolidate their potential for appearing victors)
  19. SF - I am sure no-one would suggest any RN Commander in peacetime would deliberately compromise any of their team. However, in my view that besides establishing 'the two things that matter', a formal board establish where responsibility falls and to determine the errors made (and praise where it is due) and if further action is required (CM). The stakes were just too high in this incident to say we'll do better next time. I wonder what formal action occured after the last time?.....
  20. Maybe they should take note of ITN, Its the only programme that has actually given imho a responible case for the actions.

    The border is not a physical one where say england / scottish borders start, due to the fact it is classed as the "middle of the waterway" whatever & whereever that lies & with erosion & reclaimation this border has moved over the years, the news stated that things haven't been updated, all the maps (including pussers) are from the last survey during the 70s.
    I don't want to make excuses but the iranians could actually have a case.

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