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i am currently serving in the TA, and to be honest id rather join the RN. however excuse my ignorance, but i know nothing about it. i know they have a unit down my way. but what do they do on weekends? how much is the pay? and do you get the same benefits as you do with TA? and can i specalise? what branches are aviable?
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Well I can tell you the pay is exactly the same as it is in the TA. To be honest if you went to your RNR branch and said you were interested they would welcome you with open arms, I'm sure they would be happy to see you.


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Just make sure that they have the specialisation you are interested in at your local unit. Some units a just satellite ones that are restricited in what you can do.


well does each unit have a certian job/role, like the TA? or are they general? if so what is HMS King alfred in pompey's role?
robbo9,well done for joining the TA,but why all the questions? youve covered all the branches in the navy in your last threads,i suggest you re-read them and read the replies you got, that should answer all your queries.

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