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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Mike777, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Hello all, a few quick questions about warfare officer (most likely SM but maybe GS) some may seem a bit stupid, but whatever.
    1. Can you apply at 16 and then get a conditional offer or something to go in when you have A-Levels/BTEC, possibly with RN sponsorship?
    2. Does anyone ever actually get in at 18?
    I did have others but I can't remember them now, I'll add later. And I am planning to go to my AFCO to ask, but I'm in school all the time and don't finish til too late. Finishing school next week though, so I'll go in then
  2. 1. Yes- you can apply at 16 for a 2 year sponsorship. If successful you are then given a reserved place at BRNC to be taken up on completion of your A levels.
    2. Yes- plenty of people.
  3. Thanks.
    One more, do you know if a BTEC lvl 3 extended is seen as being "as good" as A-Levels?
  4. Don't forget that if you do reach the dizzy heights of a PWO you can stand in front of your mirror every morning and say, 'I am the most important person on the ship'.
  5. n00b question: What's the P stand for?
  6. Principle often pronounced as Prick. I remember one who was called Nigel, it soon spread round the ship that if you wished to call someone a c..t (it was PC in those days) you would call him a Nigel, even the old man found it amusing.
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  7. Right, thanks
  8. I went for a 6th form scholarship and I must say it was well worth doing. You get to do AIB early and get paid to go to college, life is good.

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