Questions about the medical.

Hi, I've passed my RT and had my eye test done and so I've just booked my medical for the navy and I was just curious as to what this entails? Anyone able to give any insight into their experiences and what they'll be checking for? Also, I heard they take a urine sample and I wanted to know if that's for a drugs test or something else? Thanks for any help.
That's a great help thanks, only other question I have is what the urine test it for? Is it a drugs test or like a health things? Not that it really matters, just curious :).


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All recruits undergo a compulsory random drugs test. Only it isn't random, it occurs during initial Naval training and everyone gets tested. The only random bit is why they use the word random. A positive result leads to discharge and a permanent bar to enter any service.

Interestingly I got a call last week off a squaddie: "I was discharged from the Army after a positive CDT. They told me I could join the Navy"

The conclusion? He was still tripping.
So any idea what the urine sample is for if it isn't a drugs test? o_O
Jake, one of the reasons for checking urine is to check for excess sugar. I am in no way medically trained but I am diabetic and undergo urine tests regularly. There are probably other reasons of which I know nothing.


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The urine test is a dipstick test which will detect sugar, protein and blood in the sample - not drugs. Sugar indicates diabetes, blood possible kidney / bladder issues and protein could indicate kidney issues.
You are advised to abstain from vigourous phys and sexual activity for 24-48 hrs before the medical to allow for the system to get flushed through.

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