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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Pantho, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. After pissing around doing nothing for a while i decided to goto university and do a BSc in Computer Networking.

    Alas, its simple enough, but looking for when i leave and 3rd year work placements there is nothing in england, computing work in england is rare, and the pay is the same i could get for working at McDonald's...

    And im been on about getting fit and losing some weight, which i already started, so i figured navy would be a good place to look. Ive hunted down as much literature i can find on this subject.

    Problem: The navy.mod helpline, wont give me any information because i have not gone 4 years without Asthma, only 3.6 years, even though i don't want to join for 2+ years.

    Anyways, so any information on joining the Royal Navy as a computer tech (Network admin/installation).

    I have looked at this, and the PDF's relating, but i do not have 5 GCSE's rating from A-C, i did a BTEC First and National qualification instead. (If anyone knows if these are acceptable instead please do mention, the helpline just said he has no idea what those 2 qualifications are)

    So, my main question being: What else can you go in for?

    To be in the computer field inside the Royal Navy.

    Im also asking incase i don't get a "First" in my BSc, Ill most likely end up with a 2:1 (I presume the First is a set standard, and they don't budge on this)

    (Also, if anybody knows.. If i apply for Armed forces bursary for my last 3 years, could i do the years work experience inside the navy)

    Anyways, sorry for the list of questions :), i have other reasons for joining the navy, not just a good paying job. I have a brother in the navy, and i used to think about joining allot when i was a kid. Nice job with good opportunities to enhance your skills and career.
  2. There's nothing wrong with embarking on a McD's Management Training Scheme. Anyway if it's "simple enough" why would the pay be more than McDonalds? There's nothing difficult about most degrees now, which is why so many people do them. :w00t:
    Hang on, you can't get a job with your chosen degree and you want to get does that make the RN the obvious career move?
    It's worth working on your english, grammar, spelling and punctuation, too. Nack all use having a degree, if you can't communicate your knowledge.
    Nor I. Do you mean BTEC and National Vocational Qualification? I go back to my earlier point. If you cannot (or cannot be bothered to) communicate clearly (and thereby help yourself) why should anyone work hard to assist?
    Noooo...there's a difference between a First Degree (i.e. a Bachelors) and a First-Class Degree (i.e. Not a "Desmond" or similar). Don't they teach anything.....a BSc 2:1 is OK.
    "Most likely" end up with a 2:1, really?
    I have rationale for joining McDonalds, not just a good paying job with good prospects for management training. I enjoy a Big Mac and Fries, and I used to think about them a lot when I was a kid. Nice job with good opportunities to enhance your skills and career......but I'm not looking to work under the Golden Arches!

    Seriously though. Engineer Officer (Info Systems) is a good career, and there's also the CIS branch as a rating. Best of luck with your studies.
  3. Where to start...

    I do have problems with grammar and punctuation, in fact they are my biggest flaws. I do try hard to improve them, but everybody has flaws.

    Yes, i mean the "BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners" and the "BTEC First Diploma for IT Practitioners". I wont be the first to deny i fucked up in the largest way possible during my GCSE's, but with the personal issues i had at that time ill make myself glad i didn't get pure D's and E's.

    I Worked at McDonald's for 2 years while in college, and i wouldn't go back to working in a retail/consumer store, it was mainly the fact of knowing i was doing nothing, just selling and making food, no goals, no achievements accept another silver star on the badge :pukel: . A career in the RN makes so much more sense over a career for IBM or for McDonald's, i like working with computers but i want something different. Getting into McDonald's management is fine if you want to go that route, i obviously do not...

    Also, i want to get fit and healthy anyways. I used to be healthier when i was younger, used to do a lot of physical sports and activities which i lost time for when work and studies came along. RN is a reason for getting fit, not the main reason.

    My Shunt at the pay and McDonald's thing was more of a: Its near impossible to even find the job in the first place. I did a few searches looking for a job part time while i study. Tried to get one in my field and there are 0 jobs, which i expected for a part time job, but while i was at it i looked for jobs after i finished university. The only job in this County and the area where i come from (Home town) there was a total of 2 jobs in the IT fields, which was both Data Input.

    RN seems to me like a logical choice, they have the correct fields, they are disciplined and respectful jobs. I like the idea of joining the RN much more than joining an IT firm for 50 years. As tempting as that desk is, fixing that E-Mail server everyday...

    Thank you for your reply Scabz, all i can do is apologize for my communication flaws, and try to improve them.

    The only question i have remaining is will the following Qualifications be accepted in the lack of standard GCSE grades:

    BTEC First Diploma for IT Practitioners
    BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners
  4. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    With a degree you have two choices, join as a CIS rating or try to join as an Engineer(Information Systems) Officer.

    The CIS ratings branch is quite new and its fair to say hasn't fully matured yet. You've seen the website so should have an idea of the roles/responsibilities. E(IS) Officers have a far broader role, significantly less "hands on" (for the most part) and are generally involved with IS Strategy, policy, design, management and procurement. The branch is designed to give experience at sea early which the Officer then builds upon in HQ, Procurement and Management Posts. There is a huge amount of variety to get stuck into.

    Have a look here
  5. I'm not sure if that thread has confused me, or helped me ;)

    So whats the difference between E(IS) and CIS?


    What positions can you apply for in Information Systems if you dont meet the requirements of E(IS) ?
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's quite straightforward, to be educationally qualified for Officer, regardless of degrees, doctorates, or whatever:

    You need 5 GCSE's A*-C including Maths & English (or direct academic equivalents, not substitutes in non-related subjects) and 180 UCAS points at A level standard made up from at least two non-overlapping subjects, with none of the contributing UCAS examinations contributing less than 45 UCAS points each to the all-up total).

    If you do not have those qualifications, you cannot join as an Officer in ANY trade.

    After joining, you may apply to become an Officer IF you have 5 GCSE's A*-C including Maths & English.

    Hope that helps clarify & good luck.
  7. This sounds very interesting.

    Dont suppose there are any pdf or document files about this role?

    Or what information pack should i ask for exactly?
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

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