Questions About Systems Engineer Role (Direct Entry)

Discussion in 'RFA' started by The_Rum_Engineer, Mar 9, 2016.

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone give me their thoughts regarding the future of the direct entry route for Systems Engineers? With the recent requirement for an ETO to have a CoC, will this mean the end of direct entry or is that what the first 5 months training at HMS Sultan are for? Is that a big part of the reason for the introduction of SE cadets?
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  2. As it stands, the RFA do not require Systems Engineers to hold an ETO CoC. There is no 'requirement' for a ship to carry an ETO unless it is stated on their safe manning certificate. I believe the number of UK-flagged vessels with ETOs named is under ten.

    Not every direct entry SE does the HMS Sultan SE ICC, and the current course does not offer any official exemptions from the requirements of MSN 1860.

    There are a few SEs in the RFA with ETO CoCs now, some direct entry and some ex-cadet, but they are in the minority.
  3. Thanks for your response Spooner.

    I've recently applied for the direct entry route so was just hoping to get a feel for any future requirements the RFA might have, to weigh up my chances so to speak.

    Can I ask what ICC stands for?

    Any idea if the RFA are recruiting for Direct Entry Systems Engineers at the moment? I've heard that they might have a fair few more than they need already.
  4. I have no idea about the current recruitment plans I'm afraid, sorry! They've taken on a lot of lateral entry SEs at Third Officer level recently, but I keep seeing the adverts around so who knows?

    ICC is Initial Career Course - the course at HMS Sultan you alluded to.

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  5. Seadog

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    ....alluded to. It's not only about spelling, they mean different things.
  6. He was right the first time Seadog, he couldn't find it ;)
  7. Yup, you're quite right, thanks for picking that up! :oops:
  8. :)
    Is that a 'spoonerism'? :)
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