Questions about Salary's in RN

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by Silver, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Hey Guys, I'm looking at a career in the RN, particularly in the Warfare Branch. The career oppurtunaties look fantastic and like something I can't wait to get my teeth into.
    but at the moment now that I've gone through all the information I can find I'm still left with a fair few questions regarding the Salary. the reason I have them is that as a recruit I will pretty much be cutting my salary more than half what I earn now.

    So I would like to know what is it like living on a military salary, what are average expenses, what is subsidised? do you pay rent when at raleigh or any other location like I've heard some of the army do. Do you have the chance to save a fair portion of your salary away or is it all out going and on what sort of things?

    Any sort of information would be awesome!
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    So many questions about military wages today. Is the armed forces pay review due and some journos are digging? :twisted: :wink:
  3. If it's a journo it would explain the use of 'salary's' instead of 'salaries' :wink:
  4. Hi (HO) Silver,

    Yes your initial take-home pay will be about £770 pm with all your out-goings taken out (Tax, NI, Food and Accom and council tax). After 26 weeks it will go up to around £950 pm.

    Things covered, free medical and dental care, Free gym membership, Free/subsidised adventure training (Parachuting, skiing etc), Non-contributary pension scheme, 6 weeks paid leave (plus extra leave when at sea), Subsidised Food and Accomodation (approx £4.50 per day) (Free when at sea), Travel warrants (free travel home - the amount depends on your circumstances).

    Hope this answers some of your questions
  5. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    If your only concern is your amount of pay you do not belong in HM forces.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    :rofl: your not still using that old chestnut? :p
  7. Hey tiddlyoggy, sorry if my questions have come across incorrectly, the only reason Salary is my only concern is because everything else looks appealling and it all sounds like something I can see myself doing for a long time, but as I have a bit of debt that still needs to be paid off I need to make sure I can cover that if I joined now or do I have to wait till its paid off.

    Thanks everyone for your responses :) Cheers supermario for clearing things up.

    Just one last question ;) for now no doubt. Accomodation, I imagine it like an army barracks right? Reason I ask is I have alot of stuff that I will either need to store or continue paying rent at my current place to store or is it shared quarters once the basic training is complete?

    oh and Does a travel warrant include travelling if its over seas, I'm actually from South Africa but carry british citizenship as my parents are british.
  8. If it did I'd have bought myself an apartment in Hawaii long ago, imagine the get you home allowance on that bad boy.
  9. Re: Questions about Salaries in the RN

    There is a scheme which allows RN Personnel whose backgrounds are outside of the UK to save up their leave and their travel warrants and then exchange it all for a trip back home (DOMCOL).

    This might not be accessible in the early stages, though.

    Conditions apply, as they say in adverts.

    Supermario or Ninja will clarify later, I'm sure.
  10. Re: Questions about Salaries in the RN

    Here's the detail

    DOMCOL. If, after joining the Naval Service, you continue to maintain a permanent home in your country of origin you will be allowed to register for a scheme called ‘DOMCOL’. This scheme allows you to accumulate part of your Annual Leave Allowance (ALA) each year over a period not exceeding 5 years in order to qualify for a visit home funded by the Navy. If you choose to register for this scheme you will have to forego some travel benefits that other Naval personnel are entitled to. If you elect not to join the scheme you will be entitled to the same travel and leave benefits offered to all personnel, which you can use to visit friends and relatives in the UK. Under the DOMCOL scheme the Navy will pay for you to travel to your country of origin once every 5 years, after serving for 5 years, provided that:

    • You came to the UK from a country other than UK in order to enter the Naval Service. (This condition is not seen as broken if you were in full time education in the UK immediately before joining the RN)
    • At the time of application for DOMCOL, your home is still in the country from which you came in order to join the Naval Service.
    • The Navy has not paid for you to travel home on leave at any time during your qualifying time for DOMCOL.
    • You are not married (if you are already married on entry to the Naval Service or if you subsequently marry a person who lives in your 'home' country, you may register for DOMCOL providing that your spouse remains resident in your ‘home’ country).
    • On return from DOMCOL you should have at least 12 months to serve.

    28. DOMCOL Substitute. If you do not qualify for the DOMCOL Scheme, you may qualify for the DOMCOL Substitute scheme, which is simply the accumulation of leave to be used for travelling home. You may qualify for DOMCOL substitute if:

    • You have come to the UK and not joined the Naval Service immediately.
    • You would qualify for DOMCOL, except for the fact that you are married.
    • Your parents or next of kin have set up home abroad since you joined the Service.

    This scheme permits you to accumulate leave over a 5-year period to visit your ‘home’ country at your own expense.

    These are the current rules given out to overseas applicants


  11. Silver

    as you can fly return to Capetown, cattle class for £450 GBP is seems hardly worth waiting for five years to get on free flight every five years when you can travel all over UK at Pussers expense for that 10 years years.

  12. MOD edit - for a twattish reply.....
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Thingy: Please can you refrain from turning every thread into an excuse to flaunt your innuendo?


    Bored of Pompey
  14. Hey thingy, yeh if it only works out after waiting 5 years and at the loss of other travel benefits its certainly better to just fork out the £500 or so each time i get to go home, which t the moment is twice in 5 years anyway :)
  15. hi, a quick question on take home. Ive done calculations based on £120 pm food bill and £135 pm accomm bill taken from initial 13,377 basic salary and take home = £603 p/m ........thats inc 23% tax. This differs a lot from the previously mentioned 770 pm take home.......not criticising, but just wondering how that figure was come to and how/why there is such a discrepancy

    i worked out as

    23% of 13.377 = 3076.71
    13.377 - 3076.71 = 10,300......./12 = 858 pm. 858pm - 120(roughly depending on base etc) - 135 (30x4.50) = £603 take home. Thats a huge diff..........where am i going wrong.havent even inclued NI deductions.

    Can someone try and clarify fr me please..much appreciated..........cheers
  16. Because PAYE (Income tax) doesn't work like that. You haven't taken the initial allowance into consideration and 23% is also a bizarre figure. It should be 22% This may help:

    Beginners guide to PAYE

    You are entitled to an allowance before you are taxed on the rest of your salary. See rates here: Inland Revenue rates

    Edited to add: It's actually now 20%. Cool!
  17. ok the original poster was correct yes? Im more than happy to be wrong on this ., believe me!
  18. Yep, a quick phone call confirms that trainees earn a little under 800 quid-ish.

    Impressive attempt though, I can see you're going to be a nightmare for the writers when you get your pay slip every month.

    "Chief! My fcuking pay is wrong!"

    I do it too.
  19. Do you really not have to make contributions to your pension these days?
  20. what is the avergae NI p/m when you are lving on bases etc//////anyone know? Im trying to calcule my av outgoings/incomings etc


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