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Discussion in 'RFA' started by Chez85, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. So I'm joining my first ship in a week (ten points to whoever guesses where), but since I've not got a clue what to expect in terms of cabins or, well, anything, is there anyone who can be a legend and clue me in on things?

  2. I did 4 months on the Dilipig as Upholder spare crew. Cabin I had was a 4 berth (with only me in it) and an en-suite.
  3. Cheers, any recollection of what the gym was like, and if there's TV's in the cabins or should I arrange one of my own? Debating whether to bring the XBox or just leave it at home.
  4. Most of the RFA blokes had their own telly's, dvd players, games consoles etc as they're not supplied.

    Don't know about the gym, the one in the submariners mess was white and when you opened the door a light came on so you could see what was in it!
  5. Thanks, mate of mine is headed to Fort Rosalie and they've just redone all the cabins on there so wasn't sure if that was a fleet-wide effort or whatnot. As for the gym, well I'll keep that in mind. ;)
  6. What's your branch and rank? That will in part determine what cabin facilities you may enjoy.

    The RFA cabins are equipped with flatscreen TVs and officer cabins have fridges, dunno about POs or crew. However, Diligence is the only ship in the RFA where many of the crew cabins are officially twin. Therefore, in order not to share, the crew tend to spread out into EMF cabins which lack some amenities. If you are there as a trainee you'll probably be in an EMF cabin, I don't recall there being any designated trainee cabins.

    Gym is split between indoor equipment and some stuff (steppers? bikes?) parked out on deck. Anything you are particularly looking for?

    Wrecker, RFAs have had TVs in cabins as standard for at least ten years...
  7. I'm going on as a CA(CK), if that makes any difference.

    Irony is SJRM, I was meant to go onto Rosalie but due to Diligence not having space for female crew my mate and I were switched over. I was told it was single cabins sharing shower facilities but frankly so long as I'm not hotbunking I couldn't give two flying f**ks, lol.
  8. It was '94 when I was on there so I'm a tadge out of date and it's the only RFA I've been on so I don't know what the present standards are. A lot better than on a boat, that's for sure (or a skimmer probably).
  9. My last trip, not long ago was on the Dili, probably best you don't say exactly where she is. For accommodation it will all depend on availability and the amount of women of a similar rank as they could either place you in single/double ensuite or a corridor of women with a shared shower toilet.... The communal areas are nice as the ship is recently out of refit. The PO's and lads mess together which isn't common. The crew bar is small but has a nice tv, hard drive media jobby, music centre. There will be RN force protection guys onboard usually reserves with a regular PO in charge, they are hit and miss as to how they integrate however they have their own common room and aren't allowed in the crew bar without an invite (rare). The gym is large and has rowing machines etc however it is external being under the flight deck and open to the elements on 3 sides, I heard rumours of it's use but I didn't feel burn ;) Shes old and slow but quite unique in her role and as a small ship has a better sense of community and looking out for each other ashore etc... If you want to know anything else let me know. Davy.
  10. This workhorse is one of the best kept secrets around. She has made a fantastic contribution in her time.

    DIL was once forbidden to go alongside in some port owing to an industrial dispute or diplomatic problem so she used her dynamic positioning system to 'hover' a few feet off the berth while business carried on as usual.
  11. She used that system a couple of times when I was on her, brilliant to watch it in action close up. All done with a wire weighted at one end hanging between four sensors. The level of control is fantastic.
  12. Sounds something like something an ex pash and i got up to...

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