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Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie on here and have some questions, sorry if they've been answered already but I'd like some more personal answers/advice.

I'm considering joining the reserves and am already going to the gym regularly to work on my fitness but I'm worried that I'll never be able to get to the standard of the fitness test. At the moment I can only do 1.5km in 15 mins which is really bad. Has anyone else had a similar struggle and do you get there eventually if you keep at it? Whats the best way of improving your time? Also how long is the process for application, I'd like to do it now but I need to know if I'll have time to get fit enough for the test?

Also its a big question of whether I will pass the medical, I don't know if here will have any info about this. I asked at a careers fair and the officers there said I should apply anyway as my condition isn't on the reject list. I had my kidney removed at 6 years old as it was failing due to a separate condition. I'm 24 now, I've had no issues since, my single kidney is working fine, no disease/stones etc. Does anyone know if this is likely to be passable? Has anyone had a similar thing and passed ok?

Thanks for any help
As Booner has mentioned, there are loads of threads covering training for the run, yet training for just the 2.4 won't suffice, for example every casualty isn't going to be within a 2.4km radius of you. And you need to be able to smash out a run regardless of whether your tired, already done a run or this will be your third run of the day or night. Fitness is critical not only for yourself but your oppos!! Good luck :)

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1.5k in 15 mins? That's a minute every 100m which usain bolt can do in 9.58 seconds.
Seriously your watch or however you are measuring the distance must be off.
When i started training it took me 18 minutes hahaha and a while to be able to do it without stopping. Got 13 mins in my first pjft and 10.48 in my latest one, so you can rise from despair to an alright time if you put your mind (and feet) to it. :oops:
Haha!! I'm so happy someone knows what my username is!! Yes big Poldark fan, I've read all 12 books twice and I have the original series on DVD. My mum got me into it when it was on UK Gold in 2002. Anyway, more relevant news, I did 2.4km today in 23 mins 30 secs which is awful I know, had to keep running/walking/running but I was already tired and having a bad day and forced myself to the gym. Hopefully I'll just get better the more I do it. I'm determined. Just wish I knew if I'd pass the medical or not so it's not all for nothing.
Like everyone has said in that thread I posted earlier, it is a basic level of fitness. Regardless of whether you pass the medical or not, getting fit will never be "for nothing".

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