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Completely new to this so just let me know if anything I'm doing is wrong! I've been told I'm going to BRNC in Oct this year and I've sent off all of the forms they sent me such as the job pack, proof of all my vaccines and blood type etc. However, I'm wondering if anyone else who is going has been given any information on what train station to make our way to for example or some sort of kit list so I know what to buy for there? Thanks for any help


I'm heading there in Oct as well. I was just working on the assumption that once they had all our paperwork in order nearer the time, they'd give us those sort of details. We do still have almost 3 months!
Suppose I'm just getting a bit nervous for the time and assumed that they'd want to give us everything so that were prepared but I'm not sure What are you joining as?


ME cadet. How about yourself? It's understandable being nervous to an extent, but we wouldn't have made it this far if there wasn't a pretty decent chance of us being able to handle whatever they throw at us!
I just remembered, when you passed AIB you should've got an e-mail with some attachments, including one titled RFA BRNC Dartmouth course. At the back of it, it has this list;

Here are my top tips for the RFA at BRNC Course:

· Bring suitable clothing, you’ll spend all your evenings in ‘dog robbers’ – think chinos, tie & blazers (minus tie for the girls though).

· Be prepared to be eating your meals in a very grand hall, wearing smart clothes

· Work on your fitness. Passing the RNFT in week one will keep your stress levels down.

· You will be issued some Army combat boots before you start the course – make sure you break them in. You will be thankful for it on BLD.

· Take a kettle and brew making facilities.

· You will have your own cabin but take things to make it feel more like home. Photographs, duvet covers etc

· Invest in decent waterproof black gloves. You won’t be able to use them for BLD but you will be very grateful for them on ABLE.

· Same for a headtorch with a red filter!

· Same for dry bags! (Think canoeing)

· Compression shorts are an excellent choice of underwear for long days on the moors (reduces/eliminates chafing).

· Buy the most expensive iron you can afford.

· When you buy sandwich bags (it’s on the kit list) get the ones that press to close not the zip ones. You will need more than you think you will.

· You don’t need to spend money on a fountain pen, you don’t really need one…

· Don’t bother with denim, it’s the devil’s cloth.
Totnes is the nearest train station.

Try and make sure as much of your civvy clothes you will be taking is labeled with your name prior to going as it will save you time.

Also I advise buying iron on name tags for your military clothes and a marker suitable for clothes.

You will get joining instructions in due course.
You will get your own cabin? Are you sure?? First phase as I remember in 99 was 4 to 8 people sharing but there was a 28 man mess called the zoo too.

Duvets were not allowed until after you had completed the first 8 weeks

I am obviously talking from 17 years ago but I doubt much has changed


Those bullet points were copied straight from one of the attachments I received in an e-mail from the RFA. I don't really have much else to go on..


Also, in that list it mentions something that will be "on the kit list", so presumably we will get one nearer the time.
Yeah I read through that a few times before AIB it's a really good insight but apparently BRNC is always changing so I assume it's not like how this person explains


I'm at BRNC at the moment as a cadet. If you have the same DO it's very relaxed, much more so than the RN have it. You share cabins in pairs as cadets, whilst 3/Os have single cabins. Don't worry about kit lists at the moment; they will send you joining instructions 4 weeks prior which includes an 8 week training programme.
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