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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Baxtersoup, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm considering applying for the RNR, but have some questions first. I've sent off the information request on the official RN website and heard nothing.

    I joined the RN ten years ago when I was 16 and PVR'd (tw*t!) - too immature and didn't then understand that it takes some suffering to get through. I enjoyed the teamwork and outdoor training, and don't get that it my civilian role as an IT consultant.

    How long does the basic traning take place over? Can it be done in chunks if I take some holiday?

    What roles are available - would my IT skills be usable? I don't have any fixed service period in mind and am not planning on using the RNR to jumpstart re-joining the RN.

    This sounds a bit random, but any advise you could offer would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Sometimes it's better to ring your local unit on a drill night to get info - the AFCOs don't seem to be particularly well informed.

    Basic training is spread over a longish period - obviously it's not going to be as compacted as the regulars' as it has to be fitted into drill nights/weekends. Raleigh is two weeks; as is BRNC although much of what you don't do while away is covered in unit.

    I suspect the C4SIR branch might be the way forward - perhaps one of those in that branch might comment?

  3. Definately contact your local Unit (RN website has details). Give them a call and ask to speak to the Recruiting Officer. The Permanent Staff should be able to point you in the right direction.

    Get along to the next recruiting evening being run by your closest Unit - you will get the most up-to-date information and a better idea of the opportunities available.

    If you are London based, I can certainly give you information re PRESIDENT and WILDFIRE.
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Depends on what level you want to go in at.

    I'll talk from the perspective of ratings, as I understand, in today's RNR.

    Basic New entry training in unit can't be easily kick started (but I'm not a NE specialist so may be wrong); my understaninding is that there are a number of set lessons required which give all NEs a basic understanding of the RN, i.e. ranks, rates, drill, etc. If you've attended Raleigh this won't come as a surprise. At the end of the NE lessons, there's the two week's NE course at Raleigh itself - this can be quite intense, but you've got the maturity to cope (this time!).

    Once you leave NE, you can join a specialisation; with your IT background, and assuming that you want to use IT in the RNR, then the CIS specialisation may well be a good home for you. CIS stands for Communications and Information Systems and is the branch/specialisation that provides the messaging and information systems on board ship. Its a development of the old Communications (General) branch with the addition of IT and covers a broad spectrum of topics including military signal messaging, data & physical security, networking, applications, Unix, etc.

    Technically, the RNR CIS specialisation is full and is not open for recruiting, however if you already have a strong IT background, then a case can be made for your joining. As a rating, and having spent the last 12-18 months looking at ratings CIS, I'm not too sure what IT/IS roles are available should you decide to join the officer world.

    Before you take any firm decisions though, here are a few questions to ask yourself: Do you want to be officer or rating? Why? What do you want to do with your RNR service? Do you want to do an IT job at sea/ashore or do you want to supervise people? Do you want a total change from your civvy career? Will the RNR be an extension of your civvy career?

    Difficult I know, but the answers to these questions will be important in deciding which is the most appropriate RNR route for you.


  5. Baxtersoup - Mate, I was in the same boat as you. Joined RN at 16, frigged my knee up, but instead of fighting enforced PVR, just let it happen 'cos it was easy.

    I joined the RNR when I was 25, and a little more mature. Definitely the right decision. From my point of view, you learn the basics in NE in unit and Raleigh is the "icing on the cake". You essentially do everything that Part 1's do, but you've had most of the background in unit. It took me 9 months from joining to Raleigh. Your unit will not send you to Raleigh until they're sure you're ready. That makes a big difference believe me.

    It is just as difficult (you still need to pass RNFT etc), but as you say, maturity helps and I personally found that the staff at Raleigh were much more amenable to us once they found we were RNR. PTIs in particular changed their character almost instantly, and some even professed a certain level of respect for civvies giving up their holidays to be beasted. When you go through Raleigh again though, hopefully like me, you'll realise that the staff are not their to make life difficult, and that actually or the bullsh1t is actually teaching you something.

    Go for it mate - If nothing else, like me at least you'll get the satisfaction of finally passing out (or in as it is these days) from Raleigh.
  6. Thanks a lot for all the replies, I'll get it touch with my local unit (Sherwood).

    Bunnyjumper - Nice to hear your story, it helps. Thanks.

    FlagWagger - You've given me quite a bit to think about, not really sure whether I'd want to spend all day dealing with a computer and then spend my evening doing the same!

  7. PM sent! :wink:
  8. Thanks to all for your kind replies. I've been in touch with both the central recruitment line and my local branch. The branch in particular were very helpful and encouraging noting that the 26-35 bracket with family and steady career is exactly what they're after and that if I know anyone else suitable.... I need to put some thought into what role, but the comments from FlagWagger have made me think, and I'm not sure I could stand IT roles in both civilian and RNR lives. Something more 'hands-on' would be more for me, preferably something quite the opposite to what I do in the daytime!

    I've got to visit my local AFCO now to apply, but can start attending training straight away, following a tour of the branch.

    Thanks again for your help.

  9. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    You're welcome

    Don't be put totally off CIS - with your civvy background, you could possibly gain a head-start on someone with no IT experience. However, you'd still have to learn about the weird and wonderful thing that is maritime communications, since as I said in my earlier postings the C stands for Comms (not Computer). The other thing that you might not be aware of, is that you wouldn't be doing exactly the same as a civvy sys admin (if that's your concern). Yes, there are some parallels, however, there a re a number of military specific issues that you'd need to get your head round within the CIS specialisation. If you want to contact someone within CIS to discuss further, let me know and I'll PM you some names and contact details.


  10. Can't get much more hands on than GSSR m8.
  11. GSSR was what I was thinking as well mate.

    FlagWagger - I appreciate your offer, and if you could PM me some contact details it would be most appreciated.

  12. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Check your PM inbox


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