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I am interested in joining the RFA as a CIS rating, I've looked at all the available material (on other roles as well) but this is the one that really attracts me (and also the RFA lifestlye/travel etc are very appealing). Anyway I've had a look about on this sub-forum and have found a lot of useful info but, between that and the RFA website I still have a few questions about the job that I was wondering if anybody could answer for me? Cheers in advance!
Firstly I saw that the role requires I.T at GCSE level (which I do have) but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much I.T the job involves nowadays and also what kind of level you, realistically, need to be at to be 'comfortable' or at least 'teachable' (i.e. is it really for those already working in the field of I.T?) also what kind of stuff specifically would you be doing/programs would you be using? (I have an average knowledge for my age, 25, i.e. word processing, some Excel etc is this good enough as a 'base' realistically?)
Secondly what kind of things should I be trying to learn (at least a bit of) before applying/joining up? Is morse code still the basis of a lot of the communications/would this be a useful thing to start learning? on the I.T side are there any programs (ideally free) that I could start learning to give myself a head-start on that front?
Basically I just want to know what the job really involves nowadays and whether someone without a specific I.T background (but with the GCSE and also the interest/desire to learn) should realistically go for this job?
Thanks again in advance for any help! Cheers!
P.S does anyone know, roughly, how often they recruit for CIS (the people on the helpline said they couldn't really tell me as its on a 'by-need' basis rather than regular but just a very rough time-scale would be really useful!) Also if anyone knows if they are likely to be recruiting this year/soon that would also be really helpful, Thanks!!!


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There was a recruitment drive late last year, the first for a long time. It is just a matter of waiting for the website to say vacancies are open or ringing recruitment. You might get a helpful response one day. They do not send out application forms if they are not recruiting though.

A couple of guys on here are starting their training in April so they can provide you with some info I'm sure. I'm not aware of any serving Comms ratings being members of this forum but they could be lurking.
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I was told at my interview there will be another communications course starting in November.

Don't worry they will teach you everything you need to learn. It's your job to absorb it.

As far as I can gather, the IT intensive part is the second phase of training after returning from your first sea appointment. This involves learning to look after DII. The network infrastructure on board. You'll learn to use active directory and learn how to look after Cisco hardware.

But I'm not in the role yet. I'm just relaying what I've been told.

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Good luck to all the cr2s going to Collingwood on Monday. Good luck and see you there.

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Royal Fleet Auxiliary Communications Ratings go direct to Collingwood. If you are joining the Royal Navy you need the Joining Up section.

Ah cool, a week before me :D

There is a thread called 'when are you going to hms raleigh' in the joining up section, add your date to there if you fancy it :)

It pasted wrong so i deleted it, thanks though...naaaat
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