Discussion in 'RFA' started by EMB, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. EMB

    EMB Midshipman

    Are there any South Africans who have applied during June/July under the new legal waivers and, if so, any results received as yet?
  2. I am going through my apps now, everything seems fine, although I have a purple book. Are you affected by the 5 year residency rule?

    I am in the last stage of applying so I think everything is clear. What careers office are you going through - London?

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  3. EMB

    EMB Midshipman

    I have no idea what the purple book is? I have applied for Aircraft Handler and you? my application is in and at the legal dpt
  4. Oh ok apologies - I meant a British passport.

    I am not sure what the process is with the legal departments I am afraid, as I do not think that I need to go through that because of my dual nationality. Sure you will be fine though. If you have not been told outright that you need to have lived here for 5 years, you should be able to clear through everything. Did you by any chance get a police clearance certificate when you left? That may help matters, although I have not yet had to use mine. If you have applied, does that mean you have passed any of the tests, or are you waiting for them to clear you?

    I think with the recent changes in the requirements, if you only have South African citizenship, you are likely to be affected by them.

    Sorry that I can't be much more help!
  5. EMB

    EMB Midshipman

    I have passed all the tests, enlistment date applied for. I had to get the police clearance, which has been submitted with my application. I don't have dual nationality but due to ancestry will be able to apply for nationaility in the future. So what position have you applied for?
  6. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The RFA don't have any aircraft...

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