Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know the contact details of 4to8, RO77 and Chico :?: , I still have their Polo Shirts and would like to get them off to them, all three were entertaining in their own way but none of them use the site anymore so would not be reading PM's. PM me if you know.

  2. No idea I'm afraid Stirl, but on the subject of Polo shirts...
    Are there, or were there ever any RR mugs/cups available?
  3. :idea:

    Stirling, As you are getting no joy from those three absentees why not post a 'For Sale' thread for those RR Polo Shirts, with pictures & sizes etc?

    Just a thought, but it seems most unfair that you should be out of pocket.....

  4. Don't be out of pocket mate,if they are extra large I'll buy a couple from you to help square it off at the full price.
    You did a good thing with helping the heroes so whatever you want let me know.
    It has to be extra large though! unfortunately!
  5. Got any left SS? would take one off your hands. large to x large will fit the Box. PM me if you got stock.
    Many thanks.
  6. Sorry Stirling,lost your address,send it too me and I'll post off the £12 plus something for H4H
  7. Wearing mine the other day and Grandbrat, aged 5, said how she 'loved the little Mouse' 8O ......

    Age of innocence eh? So I just left it at that :wink:
  8. Little mouse?, Wits said your more like a big rat :D :roll:
  9. Witsend? Ah, you mean him with the "brightest yellow/lime green t shirt".

    He might be a bitty colourblind but I had to wear some very serious shades!!
  10. Thanks to SF and Box Kicker for taking 2 off my hands, only 2 left now.

    Navy blue medium with rat logo on front and white lettering Rum Ration on back.

    You know you want one. brushteeth
  11. K 640, go to any T-shirt print shop, tell them what you want and then get them to upload this site, then show them this link.

    the image is more than big enough for them to work with.

    WARNING....if it is a one off you will pay for the work they need to do on the image, bulk , the price reduces dramaticaly

    I would do this for you but I'm a tad busy at the mo because of some winging ex-dabber. Get a bulk order and sell them on here, GET CO's permission first.
  12. I'll take one of those!!

    Sorry forgot to place an order with you last time you said about them, shall I pm you my address and such?
  13. Cheers Jacko, check PM's
  14. 8O Hot cakes never went so fast.

    Good result, Pat :wink:
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    XXX for this cunt SS. :wink:
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    How would you know you drunk bugger, you couldn't see straight. :wink:
  17. Cheers Bob, only one left now....................

    Navy blue, size....medium with Rat logo on front and RUM RATION in white lettering on back.....go on, you know you want one.
  18. IF, and its a big if....if there is any further interest in Polo Shirts I will eat crow(apologies Joe) and approach our original supplier and place a further order, he has the RAT logo on his PC that he worked out his sketch for the embroidery machine. I am a tad busy at the mo on a small item so mebbe October I will put up a new order list. Deposit this time round with initial order to avoid any drop outs. Are they any good?, ask those who have already purchased one.

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