hiya all i was wondering if anyone in the know could answer this question for me,
What it is is i have recently passed my interview and all other steps to do with the application process but wheni went for my interview i was told that my security clearance would get knocked back because of a ccj i have on my credit history. Anyway i have contacted the company i owe the money to to get it paid off and sorted but they said i cuddnt pay it off in installments and would have to give them a lump sum and being unemployed at the moment thats nt gunna happen lol. So im looking for some tempory work at the moment to finally get this old debt sorted.
Anyway thats the background now heres the question, how long do i have from completing the interview to submit my security clearance before my application becomes invalid because it has allready been a week and a half since i took it?
You RT test will stay valid for 3 years. Your interview stays valid for 6 months, but can be updated very quickly by your CA. Normally your application will stay in the careers office for 3 years before being filed.

Get that CCJ paid off and get yourslf into the RN.

wow thanks for that supermario uve put my mind at rest, ill phone up my afco tomorrow just so i dont dip under the radar and they no im still interested and am doing something about it! I actually have an interview tomorrow for some general factory work so hoping all gos well it should only be about 3 weeks before i get this "hicup" sorted, thanks again.
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