Bit of a weird question, but i am curious as to what the answer would be... Basicly, you know you see some marines (aswell as any other soldiers) sometimes carrying helmet camara's (bullet shaped) or any other type of video recording item, are soldiers/royal marines allowed to record video whilst on operations, for example in combat situations or on missions to keep for personal use, the question may sound silly, but just wondering if your allowed to or not, due to keeping operations and missions confidential..?

Sorry but i couldn't find the right wording, hope somebody knows what im talking about and knows the answer if there is one specifically set!
So you're wondering if you'll be allowed to wear and use helmet cameras and associated kit for use while on ops? Then, once you've used it, you're worried about whether the material recorded you'll be allowed to be show it?
To be honest, I don't know, have a look on some of the MoD website, otherwise check out ARRSE, they'll probably have had the same question asked a few times, to say the least, and see what they've got to say about it all.
Yeah, just thought id ask here, as you normally get a really good reply within a couple of hours, so anybody with the answer to my question, please post!!!


I want to say no. But i actually don't know the answer. I would think that they would'nt let you though. Just seems...not right. :confused:
In light of what I've seen - ie: videos of squaddies kicking in doors, etc - then I wouldn't recommend it as a) it could get you in deep trouble, and b) it could get someone else in deep trouble, leading to c) getting whoever is your boss/CoC in trouble which means even worse trouble for you = bad times to be had.
Bit pessimistic perhaps but considering the Abu Graib images, etc, then it's best not in case anything like that - or that which might be construed as similar in tone, manner, behaviour - got out in the mainstream media.
The YouTube generation strikes again.
Just try and think how foolish some of the servicemen/women feel when the dust settles and they're standing in front of their boss (Or even worse the CSM) trying to explain their motives.
Rags like the Sun also fish for 'stories' and although their masthead says they 'support our troops' they would drop you in it to sell just 1 more copy.


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Its not uncommon for the lads to have camcorders out there. It does look really touristy and you feel like a t*wt (yes, I too have succumbed) - Lets face it you are in a unique place and many want to capture that (I got some great footage of an Apache coming right up to the rear ramp of our Wocka in flight).

There are some cracking videos that units have made blending all the images together, there are some really talented individuals who have an eye for composition, editing and have created some superb videos and great spoofs.
Whilst there are a lot of negatives about filming out there, there are also some positives.

Not long after the former Defence Secretary John Reid issued a statement saying hed be happy if "we leave Afghanistan in three years without firing a single shot" a video was released of Soldiers surrounded in a compound, with Taliban Forces approaching from all directions and the lads were giving it some on the GPMGs to push them back. Its videos like that which raise public awareness and show the harsh reality of whats REALLY going on over there!!

Whether its legal or not I dont know, but MOD dont really seem to be clamping down on it.
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