Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Hettor, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. Hello there folks!

    Just a quick question. Planning on going in the Navy, however I'm petrified of heights! However, willing to "overcome" with some pushing (Read: Forced to do it.. :D). How high are the masts (mast classes) / roping towers? Do you have to climb them totally without safety equipment? Or can you do to a certain height?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. in this wonderful day and age of health and saefty there are no problems with you going to height.

    For starters, we have steel warships that operate under engines so no need for roping towers (!). As for mastwork, you'll only end up doing this if you are an engineer, predominantly weapon engineer and working on radars or comms equipment. those that do go up, end up wearing one or two safety harnesses to limit the risk of falling. You may have to go to higher superstructures on a ship for some warfare/wholeship tasks, but all these areas have guardrails.

    the worst thing you will have to do is sea survival course where you jump into the water from a platform at height (can't remember exactly how high) but you are wearing safety equipment then too, and it is simply to teach you the abandon ship drills.

    Alternatively, go subs!
  3. I think the question is whether it is an irrational fear of heights or a rational one. I for example consider I have a rational fear in that I will work up ladders etc when I have made sure it is safe, but at the same time a couple of years ago I was very cautious going any where near the edge of the Grand Canyon until I was absolutely sure of the quality of the protective railings, and there were some I did not go within 6 feet of.

    If your fear is rational it can be dealt with by training and taking common sense precautions, if it is irrational you may well have problems.

    Good luck

  4. Food for thought - If we get CVF they will just fit under the Forth Rail Bridge at low tide. Become a submariner.
  5. Hi Hettor, you don't have to do Mast Class anymore, like some of us had to as boy sailors (aged 15)! I was also terrified of heights then and only went up reluctantly after much harassment and being publically humiliated by the staff. None of that sort of thing goes on now - they used to call it character building in our day - which to be honest it was. I have largely overcome it now by gradually confronting it - not the Navy way though!

    If you are genuinely scared of heights these days I doubt they will make you do a job aloft, other than the survival at sea course, which is essential as you might need to jump over the ship's side in an emergency and it seeks, rather poorly in my view, to emulate the experience! :lol:

    Despite your problem with heights I can still recommend the Navy as an excellent career. You'll always look back with pride at your RN service and in later years even pine to be back. Nothing in civvy street matches the comradeship you'll find in the Andrew. We might strongly disagree on various matters, but I'd risk my life for most of the people I've met on RumRation - can't say I feel the same about too many civvies! And there the rub!
  6. janner

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    Where did you climb a mast Nozzy?
  7. No, don't say it, don't say the G word.....
  8. Do you mean the G spot Shakey , or is it just me being me , purrrrrr :roll: :twisted:
  9. I was and still am scared of heights.I nearly froze on the top of the scramble net at Raleigh,untill i thought bugger it,the worst that could happen was a spell in sickbay or RNH.So i flung myself over the top.I wonderd what all the fuss was about!Mind you you wouldnt get me on the Confidence course at Lympstone!!!!Just remeber if you do fall you will have the full attention of the medical Branch!!!!!!Go for it!!
  10. Welcome Hettor, only height things is the leopard crawl and jumping off the side of a small ship into an ogin full of jelly fish :lol:

    BTW, who have you been talking to about climbing masts? Ever heard of a bite? That is pretty hard to climb you know!
  11. Probably a crusty ex-Junior nursing his G-spot! :lol:
  12. Janner been let out his box again :lol:
  13. janner

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    What sort of comment is that especially after me not telling all the newbies about your operation :roll:
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    You know you don't really want to play hard to get :wink:
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    there could be a Kai Tai alert pending here 8)
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