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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bryan, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. okay, i know youve been asked this 1million times and probably more but I really could use some help!?!
    Ive got my PJFT on the 24th of this month and my running sucks, i failed my 1st attempt, i had to run for 2 more minutes to complete the run in the time and i bailed! was pretty dissapointed but I knew in a way that I wasnt ready.
    I need help for this 1, im panicking that I wont make it in time, i go to the gym 3 times a week and I do want it but ive never been good at running in my life. I try to quit smoking time and time again and I keep lapsing, I need some help and tips :)
    Please, and I know your gona say run till you chuck up :)
  2. How long ago did you fail your last one?
  3. Just run.

    My dad (40+, Drinks couple of pints a night, Smokes 10+ cigs, Bit overweight) Can run the 1.5mile run in around 9mins

    This basically just proves with alot of practise, even if you do smoke, you can run it easily within the set time.

    Before i started applying to join the Royal Navy, i was what is known as a 'Xbox kid' i just sat on my Xbox all day and drank coke. Didnt do excercise at school because 'I couldnt be bothered'. I started running and couldnt even run a mile. Within a week(Running 2miles a day-If i felt i couldnt run anymore, i stopped for a bit, then just carried on) i was running the distance needed for the PJFT, in a time of around 10mins.

    Sooo basically, after giving a story which was pretty pointless, all you have to do is practise, rather then go to the gym 3 times a week. Go running every other day, alternate it between tredmill, and road running. Go for a minimum of 30mins each time.

    Youve got more then enough time to get yourself up to scratch for the test =]

    - Sorry about spelling/grammar, im pretty bad at english. But you should get what im saying, even if it is in a long winded way. :)
  4. Julie- read this:

    If it works you owe me sex.
  5. No, you want it the easy way with no real effort on your part.

    You don't have to be 'good at running', you just need a modicum of fitness. If you haven't got that you're wasting everyone's time.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If it makes you feel any better, it is unfortunately a problem not uncommon for female applicants in particular, but most people seem to be scared to discuss it for fear of accusations of prejudice.

    Before we enter a sexist debate (if we do, the thread gets locked), it is a fact that proportionately, female candidates tend to fail the military fitness standards significantly more than male candidates.

    In recognition of this fact, thought to be in part due to the low bias toward female fitness in secondary education, from the middle of last year RAF Basic Training for all females (and males that were not adequately fit) was increased from 9 weeks to 11 weeks to help compensate for the fitness factor.

    That said, the pre-joining fitness test must still be passed before joining either the RAF or RN & rather foolishly, I think, we tell candidates they may have 3 attempts - guess what happens...? After people eventually pass the PJFT they then stop exercising - a huge problem.

    When you consider the average unfit person can walk a mile in 15 minutes, no problem, it is then rather surprising for some that for females under the age of 24, they cannot "jog" 1.5 miles in 14 minutes 35 seconds.

    The advice is follow the (link:)pre-joining fitness programme religiously, pin it to the bedroom wall & don't make excuses. Try cycling & swimming as an non-impact form of CV fitness preparation on days you don't run & good luck!
  7. I'm sure when you do it for real you will have real determination and the adrenilin will really kick in and it might be slightly easier than just doing it down the gym. Perhaps try setting yourself realistic targets instead of going for the minimum time and being dissapointed when you dont reach it. For example if you are doing it in 15 minutes, try to complete it in 14.50. If you keep progressing in small stages like that you will have much more motivation and enjoy it aswell because you can see the improvement.
  8. Ive never really been good at running, was on my schools xcountry running team but i wasnt really into it!
    However, i only had a little while to prepare for my PJFT so i just hit the gym big style!
    I went from not being able to run a mile to running 2 mile on a treadmill (1.5m in 13min).

    Good Luck :)
  9. Be warned. If you turn up at Raleigh and fail your PJFT on the Tuesday of week one you may be in the precarious position of being returned home by the end of the first week. "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail"
  10. I'm female, and I always was pretty rubbish at running. But, I want this career, so I worked my a$$ off. Still do, to keep my fitness levels up.

    My advice is to get out on the roads on the days that you don't go to the gym, and as Ninja said, use other sports to increase your general fitness as well. If you can't run 1.5 miles now, then run as much as you can, walk for a bit, and then run again. Plus, try to aim to do a longer distance overall, as even walking fast will help.

    Seriously, work and you will get it. I sprained my ankle three days before mine, and still managed to pass.
  11. Not being funny but seriously pull your finger out. The day i had my PJFT i had a sprained knee, was 15 1/2 stone and smoked 20 a day and still done the 1.5miles in 11mins 32secs. You know you can do it. Its 12mins of your life. If it hurts man up and push on!
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Apparently it's frowned-upon if you use the ashtray on the treadmill, but what you say is pretty much the curt version of the general consensus - ie: if you want the job, you'll put the effort in.

    There's plenty willing to take your place if you cannot pass the PJFT.
  13. Agreed.

    I don't smoke but I do have a healthy drinking habit and my salad intake is minimal. I only go to the gym to look at lycra clad bottoms and if it's more than a three minute walk away, I'll drive.

    I did my fitness test on Saturday in 10:04, that was straight after doing 50 push ups and 50 sit ups.

    Man up.
  14. As soon as i got off that treadmill, i knew i had to push myself to even have a hope in hell at Raleigh. I've lost 4 stone, cut back on the smoking, run 4/5 times a week. Just put the effort in, lay off the booze. Pound the pavement until your hanging out of your arse and then run some more for good measure.
    There is no easy fix to help you pass. You've got to push yourself.
    So there's your advice chuck!
  15. hi ive got back from RNAC yesterday, and i did my run (outside and it was freezing)in 10:50 and my PJFT was 10:39, i dont play sports i go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, but what i found to do is get youself in to the state of mind where you think i can do this, once you get passed 1 km and your warmed up and in a rythem its easy, when you really want to stop just do an extra 100, 200m. Get lots of oxgen in to your lungs aswell. chin up looking ahead and dig deep because it will all be over and you will feel alot better.

    i hope that this is helpful. wish i found this site sooner i off to raleigh on the 21st of feb. :D
  16. about 6weeks ago x
  17. I used to be female and did my run in 10:07 the other day. That was pushing myself hard.

    I digress... apologies
  18. So you're saying the op is definately worth it then? Or would it have the same effect if I just took all the steriods you're on? :D:D :lol: :wink:
  19. I'd recommend it to anyone? I mean who doesnt wanna piss standing up???
  20. Always an added benefit, I'm sure! :D :lol:

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