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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. When did you realise your childhood was over...[​IMG]
  2. walking through the gate at Hms St Vincent as a 15YR old having signed on for 12 YRS :angel4: :thumright:
  3. Not really sure it is yet, I honestly think the child is still in all of us, just waiting for a chance to get out and play!
  4. When I was invited to leave by my foster parents. I ended up leaving the country. Haven't looked back since.

  5. The"G" Apr 30th 1963 at 15 1/2 Welcome to the Navy......Phoned me Mum in Manchester about 1730 and said I didnt like it.........she said "Give it a bit longer Son"................I did...........Left 1989 !
  6. Quote When did you realise your childhood was over...

    When the PTI's at the G Spot stole it...

    Same but 23rd May 1965 left 2001..
  7. When I joined The Royal Marines, I wrote a letter to my mum (phones weren't invented) telling her it was a b*****d, sell the pig and buy me out! She replied, so are you and the pigs dead :bball: That is when I realised there is no escape and I had to be a man! So I changed my name from Gladys :dwarf:
  8. when my wifey tells me to grow the f*ck up
  9. Lasat year in March!!!
  10. There's been loads of times when I thought I'd feel grown up, when I got a mortgage, when my kids were born, when they made me a Chief (they always seemed like grown-ups when I was a kid), but none of those quite did it.
    I think the moment I realised my childhood was over was a month ago when I was in hospital with my 13 yr old daughter, (nothing serious, dozy little bint fell off a swing and broke her arm), and she wouldn't let go of my hand as they put her to sleep before going into theatre. As my normally typical teenage brat looked to me for reassurance that everything was going to be alright I realised that maybe I wasn't a kid anymore. Maybe that would explain the baldness and inability to do anything the day after a good sess.
  11. "Growing old is compulsory"

    "Growing up is optional"

    I never exercised that option.

    When caught doing something I should not I always say;

    "The BIG BOY made me do it" (Thanks to my oppo J-Le-D for that excuse)

  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I collect my pension at the end of this year, according to Mrs Janner I still need to grow up, I've now given up hope of ever doing so.
  13. I regret that I can't answer this and retain any mantle of decency. I am, however, innocent of any criminal act (by virtue of age) and if J***** B****** says otherwise she's a fxcuking liar, so there.
  14. Christmas presents/Birthday Presents consist of
    slippers/socks/under-crackers is one notable
    milestone at the end of "Yoof", and still having
    unopened bottles of Jack Daniels in the cupboard
    after four years hints at a slow down in alcohol intake.

    Ohhh and waking up on a Sunday Morning, with no
    other thought on your mind other than the absolute
    need to go and tidy up your shed is another sad
    reflection on the passing of the years.

    Was a border-line alcoholic for 22 years, the
    question of childhood vanishing is immaterial
    really. I just don't climb trees anymore.
  15. In my mind I still haven't grown up , my body has mind , my oppo's & I still act like kids at times , been outside 13 years now & still talk like a Matalot , kinnell . :thumright:
  16. No time to reply to this question. I'm off to play trains!

  17. It has to end? damnnnnn...That wasn't expected. Next you'll try to tell me Santa and the Bunny are figments of some commerical plot to make me spend money and not real at all.
  18. wow,now that's a good one, mades us all think hard, ( will get you for that BH, xx)

    most of me agree's with all that's been said , BUT

    for me was when i became the one that the family runs to, to sort out the big scary stuff, even though at nearly 40 I'm the youngest.

    sometimes it would be good to hide in the past of our child hood, but never for too long , whats the saying about " if i knew then what i know now!"

    i for one like being a growned UP. the only down side is the older i get the more of my family i lose.

    I do wake up though and wonder if i realy am old enough to have been married for so long and to have a teenager talll than me!

    in the end its a good thing that time travel is only a thing of imagination and not a reality, we would all get in a HUGE mess

    Catss xx
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Growing old is compulsory.

    Growing up is not.

  20. onMrs Sulzer has long maintained that service men grow up when they leave the service or attain high command

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