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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Kittykat, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Now that that they r all letting the tube speak maybe he will be allowed to shoot himself in the foot,As a woman with Irish/Catholic/Protestant/Jewish roots i say lets discuss something other than the BNP
  2. Is it just me, or is he shaking uncontrolably ? :D
  3. Now we have Peter Haine the saint who tried 2 destroy the NI Civil Service.Politicians who would have then!!!!!!!!
  4. Ye I thought that. Maybe the DTs. Plonker... :tool:
  5. was fun watching him squirm for a whole half hour though!

  6. I thought it was some sort of dance that the new recruits had to go through to join the BNP
  7. The Jiggy jig, or the shakey shake ;)

    best i could come up with tonight :D
  8. Now I have 2 live with NI politics on TV, you don't no your living, want 2 see racism,secteranism etc live here (no spell check) and the Socialist party i am loosing the will 2 live.Sorry but its offensive. If any of u no NI you will realise how hard it was 4 me 2 buy a poppy in my part of Belfast.
  9. I understand Kittycat.
  10. I didn't join this thread because I really didn't quite understand your angle (or even what you said).

    A couple of posts on I still don't, so please excuse me starting another one.
  11. Im pretty sure Nick shot him self in the foot when he mentioned the Ice Age .. as if as soon as the ice melted we all grew there again?!?
  12. No. He's right.

    I actually happen to be of the pure racial line to which he refers and my dad told me that it was well chilly in the early days of my family tree.

    Not that there was a tree mind.

    It was too cold.
  13. It must b my northern ireland accent u don't understand.this is home 2 all racists secterian bigots,homophobics (still no spell check) and any other group not wanted.The poppy thing is that i live in a "nationalist" area of Belfast but my( dead) partner wad RN and every year i bought him a poppy and i bought him one 2 day (eventually) So away 2 bed work 2 morro
  14. Kitty, in all honesty I have found it difficult to follow your posts. Sorry.

    I believe we are 'singing from the same hymn sheet'.

    No offence intended.
  15. He /she is saying they live in NI and because of bigotry and sectarianism, its hard living in a Republican enclave. Even buying a poppy is difficult because its a republican area. And as Kittys ex was RN it was a matter that was approached with caution.
    Is this the right interpretation?
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    That's how i understood it as well. I have to say, i've never noticed accents when someone has typed something. Is it just me?
  17. Nothing to do with the accent, it's your stupid use of text speak and crap spelling.
  18. Guzzler, no offence taken. Just my sarcasm .Rumrat/Blackrat,spot on. Not me Chief I stated spell check was not on, and well when one gets aggitated spelling is not number one on priority list.Text speak, well Im a Luddite 2 but I was just trying to communicate. Is that not the point?
  19. Hello Kitty,

    From your previous postings I believe you had seven years with your own matelot (RIP) perhaps you will recall that Jolly Jack is tough as old boots on the outside (Survival Techniques) but a bit of a wee softee at heart, most won't ever admit it but our families know us better than that, dont they?

    You are very brave bantering on here - Newby shredding is the RR blood sport - and I know how sectarian things can be in NI.

    For others reading: Just one example is AB Jack McGuinness. Although a WW11 Submarine VC, Jack McG received very little recognition in his home town of Belfast just because he was an RC....... and lived in the 'wrong area'.
    He is dead now and only just recently commemorated there. UK & NI How sad.


    Please keep posting and enjoying RR, lots of Big Heads but Bigots are rare.
    By the way did you answer the PM chasing you up re Aircraft Handlers Assn. on the other thread?


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