Question time + David Starkey = Carnage


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Starkey normally gives me the creeps but this time he is 300% right, particularly about the French. He is also bang on about our adventure in Afghanistan which is a totally pointless waste of blood and money. The whole thing will unravel whene we leave, so that that totally useless people can go back to the brutality of the Middle Ages which mentally they have never left.


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Like him or loathe him - he is certainly passionate in communicating his views/opinions

despite the 'outrage bus' passengers packing their sandwiches for the long journey ahead the level of applause from the audience was quite telling too.

he certainly polarizes opinion - on this occasion I thought he was great


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I can't stand the man and watched his 'performance' on the day. And that is what it was, a performance which had been rehearsed many's the time.

He might have put his point over much better if he did not rant like a demented fanatic in the true sense of the word.

Anyway, did I say I can't stand him?
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