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First things first, hello! Although I'm opening my first post with a question I'll be sure to hang around and join in the community.

I'm fully aware that there is a big obligation to help out my country with regards to voluntary and mandatory deployment/mobilisation should I progress my interest with the RNR, I just have a couple of questions.

Firstly, I am assured by my employer that I am to be given two weeks on top of my annual leave for military reserve duties inclusive of RNR, which is great. I also understand that if I'm mobilised that I will be covered by the government, my question is does my employer have a legal obligation to leave my civilian post open should I be deployed? It's probably a silly question and I could have well asked HR but they take ages!

My second question is how soon into joining can you be offered mobilisation? Is it only once you've been fully trained (which is 2 years?). Reason for asking is I'm trying to get one of my friends to join with me but he's currently doing a 3 year AAT course which has about 2.5 years left, we both need half a year to lose weight and get ready for RNR regardless, but he can't join the RNR if it means he might be deployed while he's on the course.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Good questions and a sensible time to ask - before you join.

Your employer has to keep your job open for you on your return from mobilisation. There are some details about you having to tell them that you are being demobilised and want to return; it doesn't have to be exactly the same job but similar and with the same terms and conditions; and they have to continue to employ you for a certain period depending on your previous length of service with them.

You won't deploy until you are on the trained strength (1 year to 3 years depending on Branch and your effort to progress).

You can appeal against mobilisation. One of the valid reasons is that you are on a training course that will affect your employment if you do not complete it.

NOTE. Please check the fine print on the SABRE website for exact details as my comments are from memory.

Join and enjoy!!

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