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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ross_The_Bluebird, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. I was meant to be going to Cranwell last week for my FATs, but the week before i had a phone call off my AFCO saying ACs do not have to sit that aptitude test anymore.

    So my question is, will i now have to attend the medical examination in Gosport? (I assume they're linked from what my CA said)
    Or will my medical (which i've done) at a local practise be sufficient for AC?

    I would normally ring my CA but the thought only occured to me now and it's midnight :lol: .
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The AFCO Medical Examination is now a requirement of all applicants wishing to join the Naval Service, except RN Divers who undergo a specialist diving medical at a locally contracted practice.
  3. Yup, i've done that one, but apparently i had to go for another one after Cranwell.
    Now i don't have to go to Cranwell, will i have to go to AIB for the medical?
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The only thing I can think of is that you may need a lantern test to check you meet the correct colour perception grade above that of the Ishihara Test (coloured dots). If this is required, the larger AFCOs can sometimes conduct this particular test.

    Aircrew need to meet Colour Perception grade 1, hence the additional medical elemnt conducted at AIB.
  5. Morning,

    I've just dealt with an AC in my Careers office. The FAT is now no longer part of the selection. However, once in service you will be expected to take at pass the FAT's. The same goes for the medical, all you need to do is pass the standard entry medical and any further tests will be done once in service. The eye-sight requirements for AC are VA 3 CP 2 so no extra eye-sight tests are required.

    Hope this helps


  6. Hi Guys,

    I've just recently gone through the AC recruitment process as it was, with the FATs and FAA Medical (I start on Sunday) however I am curious as to why they have changed this.

    When I did my FATs test out of the 12 of us there, (9 officer candicates) only 3 passed, and a there were a few that passed the FATs but failed on the FAA Medical.

    Why would the Navy go though the expense of Raleigh ect to then find out that (potentially) a 1/3 of the new ACs slip up on one of these things?!

    Doesnt make sence to me... would they be discharged, offered a different branch or given a different branch?
  7. All AC's on initial entry undergo WS training and will normally go to sea as a WS before coming back ashore to undergo the AC's training. It will give candidates longer to prepare for the FAT's and also any failures would normally be offered the chance to stay on in the Warfare branch. The powers that be have for some reason decided to put off the FAT until you are in service.


  8. So does that mean if you have already passed the FATS do you have to do them again during phase two. This sucks because ive had to wait since November for my Flying medical which only got passed off in May and so my waiting time just started so with the new rules i could have been put on the waiting list in November??
  9. It doesn't really matter as the key date is the date you sat the RT. Any waiting times are worked out from that date. The guys currently waiting for AC are expecting a rough wait of 10 to 12 months from passing the RT.

    I understand you being a little miffed at having to do this. Just think about the guys/girls that have failed FAT and not been offered an entry date. The main reason that these changes are happening is that the AC branch as only just changed to direct entry from in-service entry. So there is a little massaging of the selection process until they get it right.

    Just be glad that you have an entry date. There should be no reason for you to have to redo the FAT's. Once you have passed it the pass is with you for life.

    Hope this helps you out

    Kind regards


  10. Is this the same for ATCOs?
  11. Cheers for the quick reply but i sat my RT in November 08 and still only got a provisional date for January 2011. i haven't been given a definate date yet
  12. Seems weird, i'm sure AC was 9 months, maybe even a 6 month wait from when you sat your RT.

    Maybe it's the time gap between your RT and interview though?

    Anyway, thanks for the info guys, it makes sense now :D

    I just feel gutted for the people who've sat their FATS and are feeling a bit pissed off by this.
    It's only fair we do it, and i was quite looking forward to it with a week to go.
  13. Those that have sat the FAT's prior to entry will no doubt not have to do it again once in. Unlike those who now have to do it once in, so they will get to do other stuff while those sitting the FAT's will sitting and being mentally challenged.

    So I doubt they'll be pi*sed off tbh.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Assuming AC was a direct entry first coice branch in November 08 & you met all the eligibility criteria, passing everything first attempt (including the recruiting test, medical, pjft, interview, FATs and security clearance), then it's difficult to understand why it's taken over 2 years to join in that trade, since waiting times were as low as 3 months only last year.

    Something definitely appears amiss.
  15. Damn straight... I don't have the worry of going through Raleigh, Collingwood and then a deployment as a WS to only fail the FATs and be stuck in a job I didnt pick in the first time. If you ask me I sfeel sorry for those that HAVEN'T already done it.

    That's just me though.
  16. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated!

    Just a quick question, though.
    Will this now effect the waiting list for AC?
  17. Hi,

    Sorry to jump on the back of other's post but I've been giving a expected entry date for this January after failing FATS (only in one test mind) but a fail none the less. I'm not liking the sounds of being stuck as a WS should I fail once again in-service. Would it not be possible to re-attempt FATS before hand as my 12 month wait ends in December? The prospect of being stuck doing a job I never wanted for 3 years isn't exactly appealing.
  18. Yer mines been a long wait after my RT i had a officer interview but didn't do too well as i lack confidence in interviews, so therefore wouldn't pass AIB, so i waited 5 months to take it again but i felt i hadn't improved so therefore had my rating interview in April 09 which i passed but i didn't pass my original medical till november due to having to fill in 2 peak flows and having to go down to Portsmouth for a asthma test which was passed off then. Since then i had o wait for my flying medical.

    So to answer the question, no i didn't understand why my waiting time is so long either. I will get there one day hehe :D
  19. Don't fail then. If it was easy, everyone would do it.
  20. Nope I agree it shouldn't be easy and I don't want a free ride, if I can't achieve the standards required then I accept that. But hedging 3 years of your life on the prospect you'll pass a test with a 50% fail rate that you've already failed before is not something I would be willing to do.

    I'll have to hope it's possible to resit my FATS in December given that it was suggested I go back anyway.

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