Question regarding 4K squad run at PRNC.

Hi there all,

Just a quick question regarding the squad run at the PRNC to help with my training plan. I would just like to know whether this run has a time in which you must meet or is it more to track your current fitness level so by the time you start Raleigh they expect to see an improvement? The 2.4k run I do almost daily on road and can easily complete, the 4K run I can also do but if there is a time I need to meet I’d rather know so I can double check I can definitly do it to that time.

Cheers all


Lantern Swinger
No run time, it is a squad run to which you will run as a squad. You'll do other exercises during this run which normally entail upper body strength. Lots of people say they can do the run and that it's easy until they are doing it outside in 3 degrees while it's raining with a bit of wind. Make sure you've acclimatized your running schedules to fit all elements.

So to summarize, no time limit, work on push ups keep running.



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If you are finding it a doddle, it also won't do you any harm to be seen encouraging weaker/slower members of the squad ;)

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