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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by disaster_manager, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. Due to the governement cuts and recuitment freeze is it possible that the RN could pull applications or are all applications safe?

  2. I would say no it dosent make sense to get you this far then pull the plug on you.
    But what could happen is that the waiting lists get even longer and longer as they reduce numbers of people actually in the service. Unless they cut the RN there is always going to be a need for new people to replace those who are leaving.
  3. No i meant CUT THR RN lol. If they did that they woudnt need anyone else. But i see it wasnt that clear.
  4. Unfortunately when cut backs are needed it can make sense to pull the plug on successful applicants. Look at what is happening in the police service, where new recruits also have a waiting list to join. People who have been successful are being told by some forces that their job offer is now being withdrawn. One chap was on the news recently explaining how he he had turned down a university place in favour of joining the old bill, and has now had his job withdrawn.
    It's a tricky decision, and morally difficult too. People within the service will want to protect their own jobs first, whereas people not yet serving will have a contrary view.
    Best plan, is to plan for the worst, work on another career, but be ready when the call comes.
  5. Hopefully the RN will get through this relatively unscathed. In previous years ships have been axed. If ships go then the head count will go down.

    HMS Liverpool is knocking on a bit now and I would bet on that being offered up and paid off early which would be a great shame and very sad. I have great affection for the 42's but that is just pure conjecture and my opinion. Anyway its not helpful second guessing....

    I really have no wish to loose any of our fine vessels - the Navy need every one of them as most of the pundits on here know only to well.

    The green paper hints at things to come in the SDR:-

    I just hope we all here something soon.

    One thing is certain though the RN will always leave new recruits as people leave. Fewer ships= longer deployments and thats doesn't suit everyone and may even have the knock on effect of creating more vacancies with a high turnover of staff which would be a false economy.

    I wish you will with your application and good luck
  6. As with most employers if the wasteage of current employees is reduced the need for new employees is also reduced.
    The concept of 'fairness' for those in a certain field of employment is rather moot as most employees will to a certain extent choose what suits them best.
    If they feel that they can get better pay, conditions, job security, gain more job satisfaction and have better overall prospects they will move on.
    If not they'll stay put.
    One of the big pluses of being in the Services is if you do your job to at least the required standard and keep your nose clean you're pretty much certain to retain your job for your enlistment.
    So for those waiting to get in NEWSFLASH. It's unlikely that those serving at present give much or any concern for your having to wait a little longer until you get your chance.
    So, get over it, build a bridge etc.
  7. So with realistically a +10 month wait ahead of me until basic training, it is possible that my application could be withdrawn due to the cuts? Bloody hell. That'd be crushing.
  8. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I am reliably informed we won't stop recruiting, we will streamline the numbers which has already started in advance of any SDSR formal announcements.

    Stopping creates "black holes" which is simply unhelpful, reducing the numbers of intake and managing the outflow are the way ahead.
  9. ... and only a REALLY SILLY Navy would create a black hole wouldn't it?
  10. What a lovely attitude to have :roll:
  11. I guess so, Pulling the plug on us would be gutting though :(
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    You'll just have to move on from paperboy to postman. :wink:
  13. That's it, no mail for you !! :lol:
  14. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    That would be an improvement on the sticky Sunday Sport sliding down the back of the front door.
  15. Genius!
  16. I'm sorry sweetcheeks did the bad man ruin your day?
    We could of course go on and on creating endless threads about how hard done by Potential Recruits are as the bullet of financial meltdown is being bitten.
    But I prefer to give you newbs a reality check.

    SUCK IT THE [email protected]#% UP YOU BLOUSES!

    There you go. :twisted:
  17. Oooooooooh Someones on the hard man pills today :lol:

    I didnt say just us ' newbs ' where hard done by. . . To be quite honest, pretty much everyone is in a mess at the moment. Unless, as you quite clearly point out, you have job security and dont give two fooks about those that dont know what the future holds for them ;)
  18. Aye, I find taking a mega MultiVitamin pill prior to reading any Newb posts ensures I maintain the will to live.
    As for needing to be hard to deal to any of you spackers, PURLEASE :roll:

    I was replying to a post in which it was suggested that those already in should pull finger and leave so that impatient twunts such as yourself could get in, why should they shoot themselves in the foot employment wise to shorten the waiting list?
    Would you for example go on the Dole to enable someone to have your current job? Probably not.
    Grow up.
  19. NZ, you completely misinterpreted my post. I didn't even imply that people in just now should leave to shorten our wait, quite obviously if I was in the same situation I wouldn't leave. All I was suggesting is that it was a poor attitude to say that they don't care about those that are waiting to get in and didn't know what the future holds for them...

    And no, I would never claim the dole. No matter how desperate I was ;)
  20. And ... why should they care?

    It is of no consequence to me whether you have to wait 3 months or 4 years to get in the mob mate! If you were to conduct a straw poll I reckon 100% of those currently serving would give the same answer.

    Its not a poor attitude, its life

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