Question please lads.

Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by NotmeChief, May 24, 2010.

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  1. Who knows about drum playing?

    Bloody hell Speakers on

    Does a drum pedal strike as the pedal is lifted as well as when pressed? (Around 2.08 full pic)

    I have never seen anyone this fast.
  2. When pressed. Bugger, OK. I bit :oops:
  3. he could possibly have a double base pedal, or an electronic base pedal. There is a technique where you can ' double hit ' the drum. This is done by leading with the ball of your foot as strike one, then following up with the heel as strike two. All done in one swift move, it can double the speed of your ' strikes per minute ' if you like!

    Most likely they will have a double bass pedal though. Hope this helps :)

    EDIT; After not realising there was link :oops: I can pretty much say that he is using a double bass pedal, his left foot is moving a pedal too. Its not the hi hat pedal, as the hi hit does not move.
  4. Someone knows ALOT about drums 8O
  5. I play ;)

    8 years so far.
  6. Cheers Trigger. - I see both feet going now after another look.

    It wasn't a bite Topstop - I genuinly didn't know but was interested.
  7. Thats obvious, blimey 8O

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