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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Guns, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. Guns

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    Escaping from a submarine?

    [h=2]Escaping from a submarine?[/h]
    I was watching "We Dive at Dawn" the other day.John Mills and the usual suspects get stuck in a sub that hits a mine and sinks.Most of the crew are killed,however the survivors can escape.Sadly the last three discover their escape kit is damaged.
    So I was thinking - if the last man out through the con had shut the hatch,Mills could have opened the bottom hatch,got a bit wet,then continued the escape drill through the con.
    So is escape through the con a one time deal,and could they have survived surfacing from 15 fathoms without breathers?

    It has extended to if we even do submarine escape training anymore. ​
  2. Thanks for your efforts in transferring the posts from next door, especially this one!

    Would it be posible to transfer the entire thread so we could see what Percy has said (to date) too? This threadon ARRSE has had some interesting input from both Perc and Jack.
  3. Just out of interest is it a Conning Tower or Finn ? - I have heard that both are the official names in the RN
  4. The conning tower is a double hatched tube (upper and lower lids) within the fin, It's called the conning tower because on the early single hulled boats, that's where you conned the boat from, evntually boats were built double hulled and the fin was created (sail in septic land) but the name stuck. You can drain the conning tower down from inside the boat so, as long as the upper hatch is shut you can open the lower one and yes, you can escape from 15 fathoms without too many problems but when the film was made, these methods hadn't been thought of. In modern boats the escape towers have outer hatch operating gear within the boat so escapees don't have to worry about shutting a hatch behind them. Finally, escape training is still carried out but the 30m (100ft) pressurised training has been binned. Sorry about the lack of paragraphs, can't seem to do that from my work computer.
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think fin rather came in when some T class were streamlined in the 50s.
  6. You could be right with the term coming into use Seaweed, I don't know when it became the norm as we use it today.
  7. Dont know what its like on modern boats but between the top lid and the top of the fin on diesel boats there was a short ladder and a smallish hole to get through, you'd have to take it easy and not let yourself go shooting out when the lid opened.
  8. It's the same on S and T boats Sharkey, plus the bridge shutters would need to be open otherwise you'd go nowhere.
  9. Had a couple of beers with one of the underwater warriors over the weekend is it true that they have nicknamed the T45 the "Tomb" because of its rather unique ahem signature ?????
  10. When i was doing the tank one of the blokes got sinus pains when they flooded the compartment, they stopped flooding hung him upside down on a bench and poured some stuff up his snout, when he stood up about two gallons of snot shot out, doubt if that stuff will ever make it to Boots
  11. Both Tower and Fin are used.

    Finn is a single handed, Olymic class sailing dinghy. Or a lad's name!
  12. C'mon it's a morale tube, you get hit, unless you can surface, you die, that's why you get the extra dosh, full stop.
  13. You escape from submarines, by putting a Cornish Pasty on your head and twatting your Divisional Officer upside the head with a wheel spanner. You'll be on a big grey ship (after a short holiday) before you can say "skimmer baaaastards....!"
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2012
  14. Not for me I was always given the last man tally and vent cap, skinny sizest barstewards
  15. Submariners nightmare, waking up with a lump on your head, a bloodstained chisel ended wheelspanner next to you, the vent cap on your chest and last man tapes round your neck!
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  16. Why would you go 'shooting out'?
    You'd only go shooting out as you put it should there be a pressure in the boat.
  17. If you were at any depth, wouldnt you need some sort of bouyancy aid
  18. Even with a rush escape, you still put on an SEIE suit.
  19. Standby, standby in the 30ft lock. Remember it well (I think)
  20. Just a rhetorical question for polycel

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