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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by fatsteve, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. I understand the armed forces policy on recreational drug use. However i do not know where the navy stands on performance enhancing drugs? Legal and illegal versions. When i am at raleigh will i be tested for any of theses substances as well as being tested for drugs?

    Dont get me wrong im not on drugs or anything just wanted to know about the drugs testing in the navy, in particular performance enhancers.
  2. (sigh) this thread has been done before. if you're not on them, then why do you want/need to know?
  3. cheat cheat!!! tut tut. You dont have to fun fast in the RN shipmate
  4. i ment i wasnt on drugs. I do however dable with a bit of sports enhancers as i am quite into weight lifting and bodybuilding. Just wanted to know where i stand with regards my application to the navy.
  5. if the doc blood tests you for roids your out m8e and believe me keep off them they fcuk you up in the end dodgy knees bad back, zips minging breath, small cock and thats the birds
  6. maximuscle = ok
    roids = career over

    simple as. it's called a zero tolerance for a reason.
  7. this is what i wanted to know, if you were blood tested for roids? that was my main question. And i understand all the health risk envolved.
  8. you might be, you might not.

    does the navy (or any uk armed force) want people with loaded weapons having 'roid rage' attacks?

  9. keep on the kelp tablets well b4 blood test and cod liver oil drink shed loads of ogin and keep your fingers cross. Obviously what I have heard.... I recommend you pack them in.
  10. I wish Football refs were on performance enhancing drugs!!!!
  11. ... what? Instead of the mind altering variety they've been using for years?

  12. I'm sure SPB will be along and will give you the official lowdown on performance enhancing drugs.
  13. If you drink your own p*ss on the day of a drugs test you will be clean!!!!
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Policy to counter the drug abuse threat in the RN is given in Queen's Regulations for the Royal Navy Article 3625, PLAGOs 0401 and Green Guide Article 207. Briefly, it is:

    The Law and Disciplinary Action. Firm disciplinary action is appropriate and on conviction will normally involve a sentence of detention/dismissal.

    Education. The major solution to a drug problem in the Royal Navy lies in education as well as detection and punishment:

    Everyone, but in particular the young and inexperienced, must be made aware of the dangers of experimenting with drugs, solvents or toxic substances and the risks involved, and

    Everyone, but in particular Leading Rates and above, is educated to recognise the signs and symptoms of drug abuse and to take appropriate reporting action.

    Note: All personnel are to attend a substance abuse lecture at least once every 2 years.


    The law in relation to drug abuse by Naval personnel (wherever committed) is summarised below:

    It is an offence to be in possession or control, without authority or reasonable cause of:

    a. A controlled substance, as defined in Schedule 2 of the Misuse of Drugs Act (MDA) 1971 by virtue of the Naval Discipline Act (NDA) Section 42 and MDA 1971 Section 4. Accepting a smoke from a cannabis cigarette constitutes the offence of possession.

    b. A substance which is believed, albeit wrongly, to be a drug controlled by the MDA 1971, by virtue of QRRN 3625 and NDA Section 14A. This includes any plant believed by the cultivator to be cannabis.

    The following are also specific offences:

    a. It is an offence under QRRN 3625 and NDA Section 14A to use any controlled substance or substance believed to be controlled. Accepting a single smoke from a cannabis cigarette constitutes the offence of using.

    b. Cultivation of cannabis or production of any controlled drug are specific offences under NDA Section 42 and MDA 1971 Sections 4 and 5.

    c. Supplying controlled drugs, offering to supply, or possession with intent to supply are very serious offences under NDA Section 14A and MDA 1971 Sections 4 and 5. (This includes the supply or intent to supply anabolic steroids.)

    d. NDA Section 45 imposes a duty to report all offences. Failure to do so is itself an offence under NDA Section 7b.

    e. Possession onboard, or whilst entering or leaving one of HM Ships, Establishments or Naval Bases, Posters associated with drug abuse or any other item of drug related paraphernalia i.e. bongs, pipes etc.

    Note: The attention of Leading Rates and above is drawn to QRRN 3625 (Discouragement of Drug Abuse).

    The following are offences contrary to this standing order under NDA Section 14A.

    a. Possession or control, without authority or reasonable excuse, of a substance available only by a doctor’s prescription.

    b. Possession with intent to administer, or the administration, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, of any substance with intent to cause an intoxicating or hallucinatory effect.

    c. Possession or control, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, of any anabolic steroid.

    d. Wearing onboard, or whilst entering or leaving one of HM Ships, Establishments or Naval Bases, badges associated with drug abuse or articles of clothing so emblazoned.

  15. Also Drinking OM15 and eating Cheesy Hammy Eggies will produce clean urine.
  16. Yummy, Cheesy Hammy Eggies - food of the Gods.

    As for drugs - keep off them all and why the hell do you need to take performance enhancing stuff anyway?
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yeah, and apparently if you type "Yahoo" into "Google" you can break the t'interweb, innit... :wink:

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