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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by kingshott17, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Hiya guys,

    I have my PJFT coming up i can do it atm at around 9.45 on Treadmill but i still have time to improve, ALSO i struggle to get the same time outside i do live next to the beach on South with winds but anyone else have same problem? Also just wondering the basic levels of fitness at Raleigh what will be required of me so i know how much i can prepare as i don't want to be back trooped or be seen as a liability.

  2. The fastest PJFT time required is 11 mins 13 seconds I believe, so your current time should be more than fast enough, just maintain it. As with regards to Raleigh, it'll be the same time required as your PJFT in week one and then another, slightly faster run a few weeks later. As for the wind, see it as resistance. Plus bear in mind, it could be windy on the day you do your test at Raleigh. Wouldn't worry too much at all in all honesty.

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  3. You do realise Raleigh is on the coast in the South of the country? You'll have the advantage over Brummies etc :)
  4. If you're using a treadmill make sure you set a gradient of around 2. This makes it more like outside running.
  5. Thanks Wrecker of course ;) But is there any reason i can't run the same time outdoors and i mean around 30 - 60 secs slower than i can on a treadmill?! P.S if anyone has been to Raleigh what is the most challenging tasks as i don't know whats going to be thrown at me and i want to be able to do as good or better than everyone else by being prepared!
  6. Are you running on the beach is it sand or shingle running on sand IMO will be slower and shingle Ooeer strength saping, If you are and you are only 30 seconds or so slower your doing well
  7. Treadmills give you momentum, wheras on the road you have to create your own if you see what i mean- i always find treadmill running easier as its basically bouncing along and not falling off! The wind is good, if you practice in like baddish conditions then you are prepared. I havent been to raleigh yet so i am not sure
  8. I really dislike these threads.

    Just train harder. Fitness wont happen over night. You actually have to work at it. It's a good job it's the RN and not the Marines.
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  9. Amen Waspie!!

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  10. You dislike someone asking why they can get a better time outside than on a treadmill, because they want to improve? I think you need to chill out
  11. And in response to your 'good job its RN not RM' who are you to say what job role which i am going to take on for the next 18 years is good or not.

  12. I guess someone that's been there, done that, got the T shirt?? Not some lard arse kid who can't run. Now jog on. Really jog on it might help.
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  13. I am extremely chilled, but it does make me laugh that there are so many special needs fuckwit lard arsed ******* wanting to join up, it's a tiny incy wincy little fitness test. Most kids that haven't spent the last 5 years with their fat arses glued to a gaming console, whilst mummy spoon feeds them lidl burgers can piss it. If you spend more time on your xbox than you do in your trainers getting sweaty, then you are in for a shock.
    Now for anyone else that needs spoon feeding the ******* obvious....get yer fat ******* carcass out of the ******* door and get pounding the fast as you can.
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  14. Aside from running, start smashing out close arm push ups. The phys is not that hard, and there's a lack of it in the second half of the course.

  15. Fence sitting again oppo??
  16. It was 33 years ago for me and I'd left school 3 yrs before and had been working as a trainee cost accountant sitting on my arse in an office all day and on the the piss most night with mates and gf. Didn't do any training before joining up as normal life was more active (had to walk to most places and running was a lot quicker).

    Personally, was very glad I joined up in spring as it was a lot more fun doing the expeds, square bashing, assault course and sports on sunny days than it I guess it would have been having to wade through ice and freeze my gonads off every morning on divisions - in the dark

    You might want to think about what would boost your moral if/when you hit a few snags and setbacks 'cause if are struggling at this point you will not be able to cope with the mental demands placed on top of your when you are knackered out after a gym class
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  17. Oh do **** off!!! "mental demands after a gym class" soft boiled ******!!!
    I joined straight from school in 74 as a very young 16 year old.....didn't have the interweb to spoon feed me all these ******* "Dummies Guide to joining up... Just got on with the ******* ain't difficult.
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  18. Ever thought about showing some initiative and using the 'search' function?

    All the questions that you will likely be wanting to ask will have been answered before - try it - it really works

    Furthermore it will help you to avoid upsetting the more senior members of Rum Ration who in turn will be forced to reminisce about their days of climbing up masts wearing Pussers pumps, flared trousers and a boater hat whilst humming the theme tune to Captain Pugwash :)

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