Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by rumlessgut, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Sorry to put this in the main forum but couldnt find an appropriate one.

    Im thinking of joining the navy (sick of 9-5 office work), and i've read on their site that you must live in single accommodation unless you are married. Now im not married but have been with my girlfriend for many years now and we are as solid as any marriage - but have no plans to get married in the near future.

    Will the navy consider us, or is it strictly Married couples only in the married quarters?

  2. You can live where you want (except when at sea of course!), but the MOD will only provide you with a house if you are married or have children (by the way I think that they are now called Family Quarters not Married Quarters). But there is nothing stopping you both from renting or buying your own place, as many married RN couples do.

    Of course, when at Dartmouth or Raleigh for basic training you are in single accommodation whether married or not.
  3. is it feasable to rent your own accommodation on the basic wages though?

    I mean im on £13,500 a year at the moment and can barely afford my rent of £250 a month (my partner pays the other 250)
  4. New Entry Rate of Pay £12,161 pa until 26 weeks service or on completion of part III training, whichever comes first. After that you're on Increment Level 1 Able Rate's pay £14,322.60 pa.
  5. hmmm, do many people do it?
  6. Do what? Rent your own and live off base? Yeah, usually the single lads live "on board" but there's a large minority who don't.
  7. Financially it makes sense to live "onboard" to begin with as it is very cheap, and travel to see your girlfriend at weekends and leave periods. You can still contribute to her rent and you will get some help with travel costs. To begin with you don't know where you will end up, and then settle down.

    You could always get married if you two are serious, if not then why should my taxes subsidise you?
  8. Whatever you chose , the very best of luck to you & your family , Do it , 8)

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