Question for the crabmariners

Hello my unwashed oppo's.

I've a question one of you may be able to answer.

I saw a rating of yours bimbling around Collingrad today. Wearing his 3's (Evening rig to those who don't know what 3's are compared to the olden numbers).

He wore his dolphins and his bomber badges on his left breast like most. However this individual had 3rd one. It is similar to the bomber badge yet one is bigger than the other.

Never seen anyone wear 3, 2 yes not 3. Anyone know what it is for?

Kind regards

Skimmer wanting to know.
If it was gold fag pin the sad individual has done over 25 bomber patrols, however he should have his dolphins and ONE bomber pin. He's walting in rig.
It was a gold dolphins as standard

Then two what looked like bomber pins yet one was big one was smaller, couldn't see the detail to give you any more info.

I knew the entitlement of the dolphins and bomber badges, so was curious to the third
If it was gold fag pin the sad individual has done over 25 bomber patrols.

This will be easy to establish, engage him in conversation about the most boring thing you can think of, drone on and on for as long as you can, if he has done 25 patrols he will join in the conversation with enthusiasm and even ask if he can help with whatever it is. A normal person would tell you to piss off after the first few minutes.
the rating in question is a known bullshitter. he was wearing american dolphins in addition to RN dolphins and bomber pin, he claims to have done a patrol on an american ssn and therefore thinks he is entitled to wear them on his no 3s. he is mistaken & i suggest you point out his personal failings to him at the nearest oppertunity.
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I don't know the regs on it so not really my place to tell him.

At least my question is answered cheers

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I think BR3 is now updated to reflect the regulations with respect to the Dolphins on 3's, and missile mary badges. Should give you chapter and verse on how and where it should be worn.
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