Question for people who passed there training already...


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I've always felt a slight twinge of guilt for putting that baby matelots plastic hat in the microwave whilst staying at Raleigh doing my GPMG training.

Also the big fat munter I pulled in "Tens"? that I knobbed on Countess weir roundabout wasn't overly glorious.
So did I, but it really is annoying, well annoys me anyway.

Your going to have to change your siggy Blobby and find another word for intercourse.
And shouldn't it be '...their training...' in the thread title?
Yes I'm sure that a lot of baby Matelots gain a bad impression of the Corps from their first meeting with Nods who live at Raleigh while on awayday(Week) training at Tregantle, I know members of my Troop filled in 3 and behaved like the 'Gods of War' that we were in the queue in the galley.
But would I change anything, yeah I'd make sure I put my gas plug on my SLR back in correctly so that I didn't get a [email protected]#!in' beasting after a weapons inspection. Cpl Ca#@ had hoofin boots and their imprint remained in my nether regions for some time.
=( =( :oops:
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