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Question for 1SL (and CDS, CGS, CAS, for that matter)


War Hero
Given that the public reason for going into Iraq was to find Saddam's WMDs and eliminate the 45 minute threat to the UK, and given that we have found the square root of b***** all WMDs, how can 1SL sleep at night and not resign in protest?

Hindsight is a great thing for coming up with excuses such as "bringing freedom to Iraqis", "removing a tyrant", "giving Iraq a better lot". TB and his cohorts have clearly deleted all those Powerpoint presentations they gave the Forces, the Houses, the Public and UN, and no one seems to have noticed...
You will find that the current 1SL, Adml J Band, was appointed long after the War finished (but not nesessarily before the Peace began!) and the various distortions of the truth exposed. What could be a cause for resignation, though, would be the constant salami slicing of his budget to cover the Land contribution to TELIC and HERRICK.
(Not sure why this post "jumped out" of the threat)

I agree that he wasn't 1SL (he was CINCFLEET, as I recall, at the time), but the point is there. As for the salami slicing, it'll get worse when the next generation Trident is announced and the Dark Blue expected to fund it from their budget.

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