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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by alacrity174, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. All right lads, after reading on this site about how the new generation of Matelots do it I have a question and thought you were the right audience to ask.

    With the advent of 6 man cabins for JR and Ipods, laptops and personal DVD players being all consuming do you still play Jacks old standby games. I'm thinking of Uckers, Euker, Crib, Shit on Your Oppo, Chase the Pisser, you now the mess games night things that used to keep us all amused, cause some scraps and more than one "Up Board" for an 8 piece dicking.

    Have these games been discarded for more singular happenings or does the messdeck still exist?

    Looking forward to the youngsters replies, knowing full well the ols salts will be conducting a full surface engagement. :twisted: :wink: :D
  2. God I need to get out more,what do you mean 6 man cabins, is this a P&O cruise ship your talking about, fcuk me when I joined they had just stopped sleeping under the 32 pounders and slinging micks in the fo'csul.

    I still play uckers and still sling the board when my missus gets me into a mixi blob the six faced fcuker.
    It was naver the same after they stopped the tot at 4.30pm ( miss musters) on the 31st July 1970, but who thinks about that anyway, I have put it out of my mind.
  3. I still play Uckers with my older bro. We still played it on board my last ship 2003 however as I'm not in today's navy I don't know, I think some of the guys who played are more than likely out of the JR's mess now and the new breed are in the JR's mess
  4. I've seen more men injured through playing "Uckers" than through enemy action.
  5. You really are behind the times, aren't you? Of course these games are still played. Open the links to see how:

    Hearts (the original 'Chase the Pisser')

    I can't find a 'Shit on your Oppo' though. :)
  6. Bloody hell NG, Uckers on the PC, that would be a bit of an expensive up-board when you get 8 pieced. Hearts isn't really chase the pisser is it, few wrinkles missing on that, and if they can ever replicate Shit on your oppo for the PC that would be an interesting situation.

    Still nothing like a good mess games night, lots of tinnies and shouts of "you ludo playing bar steward"
  7. That Xbox version of Uckers could be fun, but how the hell do you' up board' or knuckle the six throwing bastard opposite you?

    That laugh was a bit false as well.

    Shit on your oppo was and still is a fantastic game.
  8. You'll just have to give them verbal abuse over the headset instead. Uptables by swtiching off xbox before they can register the score lol
  9. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    What about 'scrimshaw', model making and knitting? Don't the lads do them any more?
  10. X box Uckers, it would have to be a fcuking retard that thought that one up.

    You would never get the spin offs either, like how would you put your bottle of Thai whiskey next to an X box.
    And then when your oppo gets a sad on with you,.... and throws the lot at you, you see the effect of Thai whiskey as it burns a nice brown stain into the green deck and you think Fcuk me whats it doing to me guts.
    Seems them robotic sailors and wanking machines we used to talk about have arrived.

  11. Don't worry granny that will soon be here, christ we used to take the piss out the septics about their cotton wool navy, seems we got one now.
    Fcuking strole on by or what????
  12. Scrimshaw, model-making and knitting were common sailors' pastimes in the days of sail and long afterwards, as was rug-making, crochet, tapestry and tiddly ropework.
  13. Of course, we had to make our own hats when we was in and sing around the capstan when we up anchored!
  14. Ah, happy days! I don't miss the holystoning though. :lol:
  15. Nobody's mentioned 'Liar Dice' yet - 5 poker dice in a Pusser's tobacco tin (beermat base optional). You said what you (might have) had and passed the tin on. He either accepted what you said as true, then opened the tin, but had to pass it on with a higher score. Etc.

    Nah, you had to be there....
  17. Holy thread resurrection!!! I was just wondering the same question that was asked in the original opening post; do the lads still play these games? As a senior rate, currently not at sea, I'm somewhat out of the loop, and have never served in a T45.

    We've managed to get a load of Crab and Pongo JR's very enthused and into Uckers at my current tri-service unit, obviously it's all been brand new to them.
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  18. They still exsist but not as much as it used to be, especially with more modern day technology in the mess decks.

    The Type 45 single mess decks for all JR's hasn't worked, from what I've been told, they are replanning to get them changed to have proper mess squares again.
  19. How can that be physically achieved? Is there the space? I've only had a 1 hr visit to a 45 so am not au fait with them really. My next draft could feasibly be one though.
  20. No idea about 45's but on 23's / Bulwark, people watch films or listen to music in the mess while spinning dits and drinking or will be in their pits watching films on laptops / sleeping or maybe doing task books or in what ever represents a gym. I have served on RFAs where they have the one mess for JRs, a la 45's do and personally I prefer that way, means you can get your head down in your out rather than hear a load of pissed up matelots in the mess square making a racket!

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