Question: Do you think its worth keeping your car if you join the navy?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sim_fitter, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I know its a strange thing to think about, but would it be worth keeping my car on the insurance and taxing it, are you even allowed to have a personal vehicle on the base?

    The underlying question is - how long between sea deployments am I likely to be on land (is there a minumum or a maximum time) and are you allowed to leave the base in the evenings or do you get given a pass out card or something?

  2. Assuming you want to join as a rating in whicch case.

    1) No personal vehicles for Ph 1 (10 weeks)
    2) How long is a piece of string
    3) Yes, although you'll have restrictions in place during Ph 2.
  3. I can't really help you on this one Sim, but i know in phase 2 you can bring your car to base, and are aloud off base. If your unsure just check with your local AFCO. :)
  4. Two times, half its orignal length.
  5. It's been said before but what experience are you basing this off?

    To answer the OP i have no idea if you can take your car during p2. Personally as there is 30 weeks training followed by 18 month sea draft i'm planing to get rid of my car before i get to hms raleigh and buy a new one when i finish my sea draft with all my lovely divers pay.
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  6. Yeah thanks for the replies, Im aware about the phase one and two. But i mean in the long term, but like WreklerL said how long is a piece of string? i mean do people just rent out cars when there based on shore as they might get deployed for a year at sea, and keeping a car just feels pointless if that happened. do you know what i mean or do I sound stupid?
  7. HMS Collingwood. I have a friend who is in training there. They allow for recruits to take their own car to the base. After evening rounds, they allow them to leave base. That's what he has told me.
  8. Second hand info should always be taken with a pinch of salt, what if the rules change and the privilege is taken away by the time op gets into Phase 2, he's then stuck with a car/insurance because information that was heard on the grape vine.

    The only info you want to be passing on to others is A) personal experience B) official info given by your CA/on the official navy site
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  9. By a naval expert like Iseethreetwats
  10. Stop taking the piss out of a potential steward....................Don't you know that the hand that wanks the skipper steers the ship?:D
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  11. Yes, i agree with you there FireMonkey. I was thinking when he passed out of phase 1, he would be able to contact the base he would be joining, to ask. But he would only have a couple of days to do so, which is no time at all to sort anything out really...
  12. Be careful maths attracts your oppo with offers of jigsaws and crossword puzzles.:winkrazz:

    And your original is partially sighted.:rabbit:
  13. You can take your vehicle to your phase two establishment. It has to be road legal 24/7, what I mean by this is that it must have current road tax, insurance and in date MOT if required. As a trainee, you may well have to park your vehicle in a particular area which may be a different area from where instructors etc park their vehicles. At some stage in Phase One training, you will receive a brief about what you an expect in Phase Two...this will be your opportunity to ask questions such as these in order that you get the most up to date information.
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  14. good question OP, been wondering about this myself in the long run, seems a pain to have one whilst in the Navy imo.

    I live far from the Navy bases so would be easier for me to get a train home, meaning it would only be useful for driving around the area and to be honest everything i need will be on site anyway. Oh and you now have to declare you vehicle off road everytime you dont want it insured, again more ballache.And you could be saving for a house rather than blowing it on a car you barely drive!
  15. You can do it online I do believe and if you're away on a 10 monther f'rinstance what's the hassle?
  16. you might only be half way through a years insurance though?
  17. Then cancel it and get some dosh back, it's not a difficult concept.
  18. ah. Passed my test but never insured a car assumed I couldn't do that!
  19. Well you can't have it in phase 1, as mentioned. In phase 2, there are restrictions, but unless you're duty or on some form of remedial or punishment you can go out every night, and the same on weekends. At Sultan you could have a car on the base.

    In Phase 2B at Yeovilton, you were allowed out with similar rules.

    After qualifying, you can pretty much come and go as you please as long as you're not on duty. If you can make do without a car at home, the chances are more than likely you can get a lift back most weekends, if you're planning to go.

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