Question: Do you have a choice or preference to which Naval Base I would placed on?

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by sim_fitter, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    If I join the Royal navy, would I have choice or a preference to which Base I would be on out of the three in the UK?
    Is there any bases outside the UK that Navy personal could end up being based on?

    Thanks guys.
  2. I just wanted a quick answer? if your trying to say its on the official site thanks i take a look
  3. All recruits attend HMS Raleigh Phase 1. For phase 2, it all depends on what role you've chosen. I.e Warfare Specialist, would be training at HMS Collingwood. :)
  4. Okay thanks for the answers, I know about the training, but after the training, then what? do i go straight aboard? or straight to a base i.e Cylde, Portsmouth or Devonport?
  5. No, I do not have any choice or preference to which Naval base you would be placed on.
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  6. Thats the answer I was looking for.

    I live in Cornwall, so theres no chance of me being favoured for devonport when on shore operations?
  7. I'm guessing your not going FAA then?....... Is "shore operations"; the new "run ashore"? :D
  8. I mean is it unlikely I would be based all the way up in Clyde right?
  9. Have to agree with FatherShitmas. You will be drafted where you are basically needed. Drafty does try but the needs of the service is the ultimate driver so that's it. Think you can still try and swap drafts in the dockyard dandy with your DO,s and drafts consent :):)
    I have only 6 months left and fortunately drafty has put me in my preferred shore area, but not the best job for me leaving with full 22 years done
  10. I have to say, who would want to be based close to home?!!!

    Any shall we say, 'indiscretions' would filter home. If married or whatever too risky for the odd one nighter.

    Nah, piss off up Scotland and really enjoy yourself!!!!:safe:
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  11. Needs of the service, life in a blue one etc etc.

    Depending on the branch you're going for, it's perfectly possible you could go straight to an air station, or elsewhere. A friend of mine is a handler, he's never been on board in the four years he's been in.
  12. add and never played on a fixed wing aircraft as well :D ps drafty tends to give you the draft that is furthest away from your first choice:worship:
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  13. I do want to travel, im 25 and i love travelling spending months even years away from home in diff countrys, I just wanted to know if I could pop out for a quick surf on the north coast ;) nah i really dont mind, at the end of the day it was just a question i was curious about. do you have a preference and do they usually honor that preference, and you guys have pretty much given me an answer. By the way i would be going in as sea spec rating.

    WHAT!!! WOOOOW RN personal get shot at! no way, i dont believe you for one minute that at any time in the history of RN that they have been shot at, its all about peace keeping and humanitarian/disaster aid right?
  14. just incase theres some idiots out there i was being sarcastic about the shooting....
  15. Thanks for that tentoes! I had no idea RN had such a big surf following, RESULT! im a lifeguard in newquay in the summer at the mo and surf and work is all good!

  16. Does that mean getting your end away with a Dumbarton Debutante?
  17. Never saw any surfing at Faslane, difficult to see the water for the sleet/mist/hail/rain/snow/ but I remember a dit about someone ski-ing behind an attack boat.
  18. That I would like to have seen.

    We winchmen/dopes on ropes/winch weights, call us what you will. Used to lower the winch and I use the term ski, more towed by a Wessex using ones arse to bounce across Portland harbour!!!! That was fun!!!!!!!!

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