Question About The Naval Dental Plan.

Last year I had an accident and one of my canine teeth were knocked out. In October, I had the root taken out by my NHS dentist and was advised that they have to let the bone heal for six months before anything else can be done.

I'm due to start basic training in June but have my next check up at the beginning of April at which point, I'll have to decide what to do about the big, ugly gap in my mouth. The only treatment available on the NHS is a denture and I'll have to go private if I want something more permanent.

My question is, is it worth waiting until I start Raleigh to take advantage of the Naval dental plan? Is this even an option or does the plan not kick in until I'm in the Navy proper?

Also, how does the treatment offered by the Navy dental plan compare with NHS/private treatment?

Thanks in advance.


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Best bet is talk to your AFCO.

Those joining-up with outstanding dental treatment are usually advised to complete their treatment prior to joining as they can ill afford to be spending their time in the dentists chair when they should be fully occupied with the joys of Initial Naval Training. Whilst there is a vast range of treatments available through the service, free of charge after joining, the service expects you to join and leave with a reasonably good state of physiological repair, physically fit enough to undergo the rigours of training without the medical need to reconstruct the bits missing from the outset.

If you incur injury or illness during your service, then as Steve Austin will attest, we have the technology. That said, arriving with a shopping list and asking which cosmetic improvements are available on the Finest product range, could well be construed as a tad necky since you have the time to complete your treatment prior to joining.
Take the denture and see what the pusser dentist says once you have passed all your training and joined the fleet, if they will not help then you can always go private at a later date.

But take Nina's advice and speak to you recruiter

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