Question about the Maths part of the Psychometric test?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JDW, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. JDW


    Hi, I'm wondering and hoping that your going to say yes.

    Will I get a piece of paper to do my workings out on during the maths section of the pscho test?

    Thank you.
  2. No and you wont need one either. At least not when I did it.
  3. Yes you will
  4. JDW


    One says Yes and one says No? Ergh and Alien, I'm really bad with numbers.
  5. Go with drakey, I did mine a while back and just don't remember using any paper, probably shouldn't have commented in all honesty. Best of luck!
  6. I did mine 3 days ago, there is a blank page on the answer booklet for workings out.
  7. JDW


    Thank you all, really helped me out there.

    Also I have ANOTHER question. Could someone give me a list of all the types of math questions I need to concentrate revision on? Adding, subtracting, division................ Algerbra?

    Just give me a list of em please, I really mustn't fail this damn test. Thanks.
  8. Posters at RR only spoonfeed those tied up in their cellars, sunshine.

    Suggest you type 'Psychometric test' into the search box and follow the relevant links yourself.

    Attempt the tests you find, check where you are going wrong and then will you know ' the types of math questions I need to concentrate revision on'.

    Algerbra ??? Bob exits shaking head in dismay...

    Edited to remind you of the advice already offered to you at your other thread:

    Cut along and see to it!
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2012
  9. JDW,

    I've just found this snippet from A N Other poster <<...I had 2 weeks to wait for my test, but rang and put it back a couple more weeks to give myself time to revise...>>

    If your back is really against the wall you could ask your AFCO to postpone your test to give yourself more time to prepare.
  10. JDW


    Intreasting, I think I won't postpone, I want to get it over and done with. I've got til Tuesday to revise and revise I shall.
  11. JDW


    I've acutely changed my mind, I'm going to enquire about this tommorrow and ask a AFCO if I could do this, I surely hope I can, nice one.
  12. "acutely" or "actually"?

    Mr Gove, please re-introduce the O-Level sooner rather than later ... innit ...
  13. Acute, obtuse. It's all angles to me.
  14. That a right reflex for you. :)
  15. JDW


    Hi flymo! I'm sorry if I don't copy and paste what I've wrote onto word and use auto spell check but I honestly don't give a damn about your "banter" as it's been called in a previous post. I mean, I'm sure you would say that to me in real life when you noticed I misspelt "acutely"?

    So, give me one valid reason why your posting on this thread because your certaintly not helping me, your just making fun of me. Probably in the hope that you'll make some of your forum peers laugh and think your cool.

    Thanks a lot buddy.
  16. Message to flymo: That made me laugh and I think you're cool.
  17. [​IMG]

    Bit of toy throwing going on!
  18. Spaz.

    10 letters.
  19. Well done that's the attitude we like to see; incidentally WTF is a psychometric test?
  20. It's where everyone who thinks your a mong gets proof positive!
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